The View: Courtney Love Saint Laurent Collection & David LaChapelle


The View: Courtney Love

Barbara Walters called Courtney Love the queen of grunge music. At some point, she was nominated for a Golden Globe, and most importantly to me, she is not scheduled guest Chandra Wilson from Grey’s Anatomy. Check out Love’s Saint Laurent Collection and her artistic collaboration with David LaChapelle.

The View: Kurt Cobain Anniversary


Barbara Walters did her celebrity worship thing with Courtney Love. April 5 2013 marks the 19th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide. Love stammered about not remembering the exact date of his death, and said that she gets melancholy at his birthday.

The View: Courtney Love Saint Laurent Collection & David LaChapelle

Courtney Love visited Barbara Walters and company on The View to discuss the Saint Laurent Collection she inspired and her artwork with David LaChapelle. (s_bukley /

Love said her focus is on living a long, full life and seeing her grandchildren. Her only vice is smoking, apparently. She said she is down to half a pack a day in her quest to stay healthy, but she likes greasy food as well.


The View: Courtney Love Ambien

In a 1995 interview, Courtney Love claimed she was clean and sober, which Walters and Love agreed was a total lie. However, in 2013, Love insists that she is not lying when she says she is “clean and sober.” She does take Ambien at night, however.

In a clip from that 1995 interview, Love reflected on her new journey of motherhood. She called herself an excellent mother. Barbara Walters somehow manages to look older in the archive footage, and Love looked like what might now be called “a hot mess.”

The View: Courtney Love Saint Laurent Collection

Love babbled about how her Barbara Walters interview shamed her into giving up one of her drug habits. Now, Love is back with a Saint Laurent collection designed for her, inspired by California grunge.

The company’s original collection was classier, but Love said her collection is more the type of attire she would wear onstage for performances. I guess that means she is still a musician.

She admitted that designers charging thousands of dollars “for a trenchoat that I paid $2 at Value Village for in 1990 is just weird.”

The View: Courtney Love & David LaChapelle

Courtney Love said that she mostly has an email relationship with her 20-year-old daughter, Frances Bean. Love’s hope for her daughter is that she go to college.

As another project, Love has an art collection in a David LaChapelle show, “Mentoring Courtney Love.” She went to the San Francisco Art Institute when she was younger, but did not get much out of the experience.

Her work is on display in a museum in New London, Connecticut, which Love called “the WASPiest place on earth.”


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