The View: Connie Britton Women At 40 & Hayden Panettiere Nashville


The View: Nashville Review

The stars of ABC’s country music primetime soap Nashville, Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, joined the ladies from The View, along with guest host Jewel, for an interview about the engrossing new series. Britton shared her views on women at 40, and Panettiere shared her perspective on starting a career.

The View: Connie Britton More Magazine & Women At 40


The View: Connie Britton Women At 40 & Hayden Panettiere Nashville

Nashville stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere shared their thoughts about life for women at 40 and what it is like to be starting your career. (DFree /

The ladies are competitive stars who share a stage on Nashville. Britton, whose character is in her 40s, helped shape the way her character faced the prospect of aging in the business. As an actor, she said that her career really took off when she hit her 40s, and she wanted her character to reflect more reality.

Britton also recently appeared in More Magazine, which featured several sultry shots of the actress, particularly showing off her legs. She told Elisabeth Hasselbeck that age 40 seems to be a milestone where women are coming into their own. She also said she had great fun on the magazine photo shoot.


The View: Hayden Panettiere Nashville

Hayden Panettiere is known for her fiery attitude as Juliette on Nashville. What does she think about her character’s rivalry with Britton’s character, Rayna?

She said that she feels that generational clashes are different depending on your line of work, and it can be hard to stay on top for the entire span of a career.

“My hat’s off to the people that do accomplish that,” she said.

The View: Rayna Vs Juliette Nashville

Britton said that she finds the show’s supposed competition as more of a reflection of the characters’ personal lives and career motivations. It seems like the stars are not necessarily as invested in their onscreen feud as the show’s promotional and marketing team.

Hayden said that she identifies with the confusion and uncertainty of being a young person trying to establish a career.

The View: Nashville Soundtrack Volume 2

Later in the show, the cast of Nashville reunited on The View stage. The show’s songs have sold over one million iTunes downloads. Volume 2 of the show’s soundtrack drops on May 7 2013, and studio audience members received Volume 1 of the soundtrack.

New episodes of Nashville air Wednesday nights on ABC.


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