The View: Clive Davis Soundtrack Of My Life Review & Whitney Houston


The View: Clive Davis

According to Whoopi Goldberg, Clive Davis is “the architect of modern music,” and his career resume includes everything from Simon and Garfunkel to Alicia Keys. Now he is telling his story in his own words in a new memoir, The Soundtrack Of My Life, which he visited The View to discuss.

The View: The Soundtrack Of My Life Review

The View: Clive Davis Soundtrack Of My Life Review & Whitney Houston

Clive Davis talked about his lengthy and successful music career on The View, as described in his new memoir, The Soundtrack Of My Life. (DFree /


For more than 45 years, Davis has been working with Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston, and countless other boldface names that have changed pop music through the decades. What does he look for in a star?

Clive Davis said he is looking for a headliner that will give the audience a truly remarkable experience. Different artists have different qualities that set them apart and make them original.

The View: Clive Davis & John Mellencamp

Who did he pass on that went on to great success? Davis had the chance to sign John Mellencamp, but he let him go because he felt he was too similar to Bruce Springsteen.


At an industry event, Mellencamp explained his career success to Davis. He was plucked from a cover band just weeks before meeting Davis and admitted that his own style was heavily influenced by Springsteen, so it sounds like Davis at least knew what he was talking about.

The View: Clive Davis Whitney Houston

The late Whitney Houston was one of Davis’s popular artists. How does he feel about her passing a year later? He explained that he followed her from age 19, and they were creative partners together throughout her career.

He said that people don’t realize how much she loved music. “Her death was shattering,” he said.

Clive Davis selected one of her performances to showcase at his annual Grammy Awards party. “Whitney, as a contemporary artist, had no peer,” he said.

The View: Clive Davis Bisexual

Clive Davis revealed in his autobiography that he has had relationships with men as well as women. He has four children and six grandchildren. He said that after his second marriage failed, he opened up his possibilities and pursued a male relationship.

He said that he hopes people can begin to understand that bisexuality is real and not assume that someone is either gay or straight.

The Soundtrack Of My Life is on sale now.


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