The View: Cicely Tyson The Trip To Bountiful Review & Role Model


The View: Cicely Tyson, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Vanessa Williams

Cicely Tyson, Cuba Gooding Jr,, and Vanessa Williams are reviving The Trip To Bountiful on Broadway. Cicely has been in the business for decades, and all along that illustrious career, she has wanted to play a part in The Trip To Bountiful. She saw the movie 28 years ago, went straight to her agent and asked for him to find her a role in a production of it before she retired. He never really paid her any mind, however, and decades passed with no part…that is, until recently. 

The View: Cicely Tyson On Being A Role Model & The Trip To Bountiful Review

Cicely Tyson’s role in The Trip To Bountiful was the fulfillment of a longtime dream. (Helga Esteb /


Cicely’s assistant said that she had received a call from a designer with whom she had worked with in film wanted to introduce her to someone. That someone? The daughter of Horton Foote, the man who wrote the original Trip To Bountiful. As it turned out, she was was about to mount a production of Trip To Bountiful with all all-black cast, and wanted to talk to Cicely about the role. She made sure to mention that her agent had nothing to do with her getting the part. 

The View: The Trip To Bountiful Review

The Trip To Bountiful is about a married couple, Ludie Watts and Jessie Mae Watts, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Vanessa Williams, and Ludie’s mother, Carrie Watts, played by Cicely Tyson. The three have a very complicated relationship because the all live in a one-room apartment and are always fighting for space. While Carrie always dreams of going back to her birth home, Jessie wants to finally start living alone with her husband.

Not only that, but money is tight, too. They are surviving off what little money Ludie makes and Carrie’s pension check. This creates a lot of tension between the family, that plays out in plenty of humor and other drama.


The View: Vanessa Williams Turns 50

Via her Twitter, Vanessa Williams announced a milestone birthday for herself—her 50th one. Whoopi was quick to point out that everything about her is real, joking about how young she looks.

Vanessa said that the hardest thing about being 50 was realizing how fast time flies. She commented how proud she is of her four children, who have grown up seemingly so fast

The View: Cuba Gooding Jr’s Family

Cuba Gooding Jr. also has a family to take care of. He’s been married to his high school sweetheart for 26 years. His sons are looking at college, and his daughter is becoming something of a fashionista. Cuba accredits most of his family’s success to his wife.

The View: Cicely Tyson Turned Down Roles In The Past

Cicely Tyson has turned down roles that she saw as stereotypical in the past, but she is seeing a change in the roles she is being offered that she is not sure are positive ones. She is seeing a lot more of the same, and she asks that young women think about their lives and what they want from them, and what they want from the next generation. She thinks this is extremely important because you really have to consider what you are saying to the next generation, because you might come up with more cash, but women will have totally delineated themselves.

The Trip To Bountiful is now playing in New York.


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