The View: Carol Burnett ‘Carrie And Me’ Review & Carrie Burnett Death


The View: Carrie And Me

Comedy legend Carol Burnett is now a memoirist, telling the story of her relationship with daughter Carrie, who overcame drug addiction before passing away of cancer in 2002 at age 38. Burnett visited The View to talk about her book, Carrie and Me.

The View: Carol Burnett Parenting

The View: Carol Burnett 'Carrie And Me' Review & Carrie Burnett Death

The View welcomed Carol Burnett back to the show to talk about the death of her daughter and the new memoir about their relationship, Carrie And Me. (Helga Esteb /


Burnett previously appeared on The View for a Carol Burnett cast reunion in 2012. Back in the heyday of her variety show, she was also raising three daughters at home. She said that she had a schedule that allowed her to take the kids to school each morning and pick them up in the afternoons.

“They grew up with the show,” she said. “Carrie got married on our stage.”

The View: Carrie Burnett Drug Addiction

Elisabeth Hasselbeck called the book a love story between the mother and daughter, and recalled how talented Carrie was. It includes memories and Carol’s raw journal entries about the uncertainty of Carrie’s drug addiction.


As a teenager, Carrie was involved in drugs, and Carol mistook the signs for adolescent hormones and puberty. But the truth was that Carrie was involved in drugs, and Carol was afraid of exacerbating the problem.

“I have to love her enough to let her hate me,” Carol concluded in an a-ha moment, and had to act as a mom instead of a best friend.

The View: Carol Burnett Daughters

Carol Burnett and Carrie appeared together on The View in 1999. In a clip from that interview, a wild-haired Carrie recalled the pleasant memories she had of growing up. Carol got a tad choked up seeing her daughter in the old footage.

Erin and Jodie, Carol’s other daughters, “were with Carrie when she passed away.”

The View: Carrie Burnett Death

Carrie’s drug addiction comprised just a few of her teenage years. She was able to overcome addiction and have a great life. She passed away from lung cancer at age 38.

She seemed to have a uniquely inspired personality. “Her hair was always different,” Carol said, recalling her daughter’s “original” style, including a bird tattoo. As a director, she won an award at a Latino Film Festival.

Carol and Carrie wrote a play together, but Carrie passed away before the project was completed. In the hospital, a nurse asked Carrie about her positive attitude.

“And Carrie replied, ‘Every day, I wake up and decide, today I’m going to love my life,’” Carol said.

You can read more about the mother-daughter relationship in Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story.

The View: Carol Burnett Marriage

Carol called herself a cougar. She married in 2001 and seems to have found a good match. Her husband is successful in his own career, and she sounds like she is happy to have found love.


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