The View: Camila Alves McConaughey INC Fashions & Paloma Faith Just Be


The View: Camila Alves McConaughey

Model and fashion designer Camila Alves is now a mother of three who is married to enduring actor Matthew McConaughey. She started her modeling career at age 19, and even designs her own fashions with INC. Later, Paloma Faith performer her song “Just Be.”

The View: Camila Alves Brazil

At age 15, she moved from Brazil to Los Angeles, hoping to pursue a fashion career. Amazingly, she moved to LA without learning how to speak English. Portuguese was her first language.


The View: Camila Alves McConaughey INC Fashions & Paloma Faith Just Be

The View featured INC Fashions and motherhood advice with Camila Alves McConaughey, as well as a musical performance by British sensation Paloma Faith. (s_bukley /

Camila Alves McConaughey said that she came from a background where she had to pay her own way and could not fall back on family support. She got through it by cleaning houses and working in Mexican restaurants. Eventually, she got the hang of English and everything seems to be working out really well for her.

The View: Matthew McConaughey Kids

Now, she and Matthew have three kids: Levi, Vita, and Livingston. Camila did not look like someone who just had a baby a few months ago. How did she get her body back?


Camila said that her last pregnancy was tough and sometimes even painful. She did eventually find out that there were some complications, and she had a C-section.

The View: Camila Alves McConaughey Weight Loss

Just two months later, she is looking good. She said that truly learning about diet and drinking half a gallon of water each day are some of her secrets to get back on track.

Plus, she has found ways to avoid sweet and sugary temptations. She loves chocolate and dairy, but instead, she has found a low-sugar snack.

The View: Camila Alves INC Fashions

Camila collaborated with the INC fashion line, and models came onstage to show off some of Camila’s looks. The trendy touches included a Moto jacket, Bohemian chic skirt, and low-cost accessories.

Another model showed off a leather top and colorful pants. The last look Camila showcased was springlike, with a bright yellow jacket and a striped top. “You just have to know what kind of stripe works for you,” Camila said.

Sherri added that INC Plus caters to plus sized fashionistas as well.

The View: Paloma Faith “Just Be”

To conclude the show, musician Paloma Faith took The View stage to perform her song “Just Be.” She was described as a combination of Adele and Amy Winehouse, but Whoopi said she had a sound all her own, and her voice is amazing. Check out her new CD, Fall To Grace.


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