The View: Brad Paisley Wheelhouse Review, Beat This Summer Performance


The View: Brad Paisley Wheelhouse Review

Brad Paisley’s new album, Wheelhouse, has hit stores, and it has only solidified his spot in country music’s elite. Not only did Wheelhouse debut at number one, it is also his seventh number one album. Congratulations, Brad!

Though the success of Wheelhouse mirrors past albums, there were a couple firsts on this album. This is the first album that Brad Paisley has taken full production duties on. Another first for this album was the fact that it was recorded at Brad Paisley’s home in a farm house on his property. He also used his own band for this album and did very little digital retouching to give the album a warmer, more personal touch than his other work. It’s his way of being organic.


The View: Brad Paisley Wheelhouse Review & New Song "Beat This Summer"

Brad Paisley came on the show to talk about his new album, Wheelhouse, and perform his new single from it, “Beat This Summer.” (image credit: s_bukley /

Another topic of conversation about Brad Paisley’s Wheelhouse is some of the subject matter tackled on the album. With songs like “Accidental Racist” and “Those Crazy Christians,” Brad is touching subjects that most country music artists wouldn’t go near. Those songs were not just there to cause controversy, says Brad. What he wanted was to take discussions that he was having in his life and put music to them on an album. Case in point – “Those Crazy Christians.” Brad has done a gospel song on every record of his, but has never written a song from the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t get it. “Accidental Racist” has actually gotten Brad Paisley invited to Berkeley to discuss the song. Who thought a Brad Paisley album would open up sociopolitical debates?

Brad Paisley the Prankster

Brad Paisley has gone on tour and hi jinx have ensued. Brad has always thought that The Band Perry looked a lot like the Doodle Bops. During one of The Band Perry’s songs on the tour, Brad had footage of the Doodle Bops playing on the screen behind them on stage. The crowd was perplexed, and The Band Perry was utterly unaware of what was happening. “I’m not a nice person,” said Brad of his pranks.


Brad Paisley Named His Son After Huckleberry Finn

Brad Paisley has two children, one of which is named Huck after Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. During some of the controversy surrounding “Accidental Racist,” Brad thought a lot more about the inspiration behind his son’s name and about how in the book Huck helps a slave escape. His other son, Jasper, doesn’t have quite the same exciting back story, but they did come to find out that one of their old farms in Tennessee was owned by a man named Jasper. It’s a stretch, but hey, it’s better than nothing when you’re standing next to Huckleberry Finn.

Brad Paisley Performs “Beat This Summer”

With hearts floating around on the screen behind him, Brad Paisley performed something of a summer romance song with has track “Beat This Summer.” Like most country music, it won’t change the minds of anyone who doesn’t like it, but it’s hard to argue that the man doesn’t have charisma on stage. It is easy to see why he is always on sell-out tours.


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