The View: Billy Crystal Monsters University & Still Fooling Them Book


The View: Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Preview

Billy Crystal is back as monster Mike Wazowski in the upcoming Monsters University, which shows that though Mike and Sully are best friends Monsters Inc., their relationship didn’t necessarily start out that way. Before getting to the preview the new Pixar film, Billy recalled a memory with one of his aunts where he would perform for her by sticking dimes on his forehead until he couldn’t fit any more, which was how he would sneakily siphon her for money. It was these types of performances as a child that inspired his one-man act of today, 700 Sundays, which is opening November 5 in the Imperial Theater.

The View: Billy Crystal Monsters University & Still Fooling Them

Billy Crystal previewed Monsters University, his book Still Fooling Them, and the return of 700 Sundays. Whew! (s_bukley /


The November 5 opening is especially important to him because it is taking place in the Imperial Theater, a place that has been very close to his heart ever since he saw Zero Mostel perform in Fiddler On The Roof in 1964, a performance which Billy said is the single greatest performance of a musical comedy that he has ever seen. A family member arranged for Billy to meet Zero backstage, and he became the first Broadway star that Billy ever met. To walk the same stage Zero did is very special to Billy Crystal.

The View: Monsters University Review

Though Barbara wasn’t sure that everyone thought it was a good idea for a Monsters Inc. prequel to be done, Billy said that everyone thought Monsters University was a great idea when they heard about it. He wants new families who grew up watching the original Monsters Inc. to experience this movie in a  new age.

Billy said that Mike Wazowski is his favorite character that he has ever played. The tenacity Mike displays through his leadership and disruptive nature  is inspiring and reminds him a lot of himself. The challenge that comes performing Mike comes from the fact that he doesn’t exactly have a lot to work with, what with Mike’s one eyes, small body, and gangly limbs.


Billy Crystal: Still Fooling Them Book

Billy Crystal has four grandkids now, the most recent of which was born on Billy’s 65th birthday, March 14. At first, Billy wondered if it would be good for his first grandson to share a birthday with him, but he soon realized he should be more worried about sharing a birthday with his grandson, whom he may be sharing his 70th birthday with at Chuck E Cheese in five or so years.

Billy recently wrote a book called Still Fooling Them that’s coming out September 10 that’s about things that men go through when they get older. His initial intention when sitting down to write was to pen ideas for a stand-up tour. As he wrote, though, the small acts were reading more like essays, so he opted to write more and make a book out of it instead.

The View: Billy Crystal’s Memorable Movie Moments

Sherri decided to play a speed round of recalling with Billy Crystal by naming movies he was in, and having Billy share the first memory about the film that popped into his head. With Harry Met Sally, Billy remembered the perfect symmetry of a great script, directior, co-star, New York in the fall, and falling in love. 1991’s City Slickers is best remembered by Billy because of the opportunity he got to work with Jack Palance, who won an Oscar for the movie.


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