The View: Billy Campbell Killing Lincoln Review & Sailing Hobby


The View: Billy Campbell Killing Lincoln

Billy Campbell has been tackling complex roles for years, and he is riding the wave of Abraham Lincoln’s renewed popularity in the new National Geographic TV adaptation of the Bill O’Reilly book Killing Lincoln.

In a clip from Killing Lincoln, the 16th president said he would refuse to live in fear of his enemies. The makeup team and costume designers did a great job turning Campbell into Lincoln.


The View: Billy Campbell Sailing

The View: Billy Campbell Killing Lincoln Review & Sailing Hobby

The View talked with actor Billy Campbell about his presidential role in the TV movie Killing Lincoln, based on Bill O’Reilly’s book, and his sailing hobby. (Joe Seer /

Back in 2005, Campbell took a year off from acting to learn how to sail, which is his new hobby. He has visited 20 different countries and sailed around the world.

He even commissioned his own wooden schooner. On its maiden voyage, Campbell’s boat encountered three stranded people who had capsized their sailboat.


The View: Killing Lincoln Review

Lincoln is hot once again in 2013. What does Campbell think about Lincoln now that he has portrayed the man? Growing up in Virginia, he said he was a Civil War buff and even participated in reenactments.

At the time of his influence, Lincoln was seen as polarizing, but Campbell said he has been remembered as “a great human being.” Sherri Shepherd thought it was interesting that Lincoln foresaw his own assassination, but never changed course based on those premonitions.

“He was a very self-aware human being,” Campbell said. “He knew that if he changed his behavior, it might change who he was. He was the kind of person who thought of who he wanted to be and became it.”

The View: Billy Campbell Once & Again

The TV movie was filmed about an hour away from his home. He did admit that where filming takes place does factor into his decisions about projects to pursue.

He said he remains in touch with Sela Ward and the rest of his Once & Again cast. Campbell recalled that show as a true family experience.

Killing Lincoln premieres February 17 2013 on National Geographic.


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