The View: Bill O’Reilly Keep It Pithy Review & Cleveland Kidnapping


The View: Bill O’Reilly

Known to take on controversial political topics with little hesitation on his Fox News show The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly is prepping another book, Keep It Pithy, for the masses. He came on the show today to talk about the book. You could almost feel the tension in the air between him and Whoopi, as the pundit and the actress don’t exactly have the best past on the show.

Bill O’Reilly On Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton, Mark Sanford

The View: Bill O'Reilly Keep It Pithy Review & Cleveland Kidnapping

Bill O’Reilly came in to talk about his new book, Keep It Pithy.


Does Bill O’Reilly think that New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s weight loss surgery will have any bearing on his running for reelection? Not really. Bill thought that it was more of a personal issue between him and his family than anything that would have an effect on the voters.

Where Hillary Clinton was concerned, he wasn’t sure when she would run, but knows she will and also said with confidence that she will receive the nomination, too. With how well-known she is and her political history, he doesn’t think any other democratic candidate can measure up to her.

Former republican governor Mark Sanford, who was embroiled in controversy after it was uncovered that he was having an international affair with another woman, got a seat back on the house of U.S. representatives. Bill O’Reilly thinks he has Bill Clinton to thank for that, and doesn’t really care about it happening at all.


Bill O’Reilly On Benghazi Hearings, Cleveland Kidnappings

Bill O’Reilly, though not really interested in the first three things the hosts wanted to talk about, thought there were two other more important stories unfolding in the political realm due to the impact they will have on people. First were the Benghazi hearings, which concern the attacks in Benghazi that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. This, he feels, will have an impact on Hillary Clinton if the testimony is compelling enough.

The second story he found to be of utmost important is the reopening of the Cleveland Kidnappings after the victims finally escaped from their captors on Monday, 10 years after they disappeared. What Bill found so disturbing about these was a statistic that he believes exist in America – 10 percent of the population is pure evil. Though 10 percent doesn’t sound like much, that is 30 million people, and Bill thinks the internet emboldens these people that may otherwise remain in the shadows, never carrying out their deeds. The consequence of the media coverage is that children are not allowed to be children anymore because of the increase of perceived danger and not actual danger. This constriction robs children of creativity, he feels.

Bill O’Reilly: Keep It Pithy Review

Bill O’Reilly is always telling his viewers to Keep It Pithy, but what exactly does he mean by that? Like the Duck Dynasty people, he says, “get to the point!” The biggest message is he wants people to see life realistically. Don’t be idealistic or constrict your views to any preconceived notions. See life for what it is. Sherri asked Bill where such a stolid world view allows for hope, and Bill said that the more realistic you are, the easier it is to find solutions to problems because you are able to isolate them better. He used an example of the Cleveland kidnappers, who he thinks should be made an example of and put away for life. Don’t think about it – just do it, and our problems will begin to be solved.

Bill O’Reilly, when talking about the book, says one thing that people will find most surprising are his views on gay marriage. To find out what they are, you will have to buy the book!


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