The View: Ashley Madison Cheating Website & Infidelity Saves Marriage?


The View: Ashley Madison Website

The View invited Noel and Amanda Biderman, the husband and wife team behind the infidelity website Ashley Madison, to appear on the show and explain why they say their dating site helps save marriages.

The View: Noel Biderman Infidelity


There are 17 million clients on the website, for a $90 million business these days. Noel said that he thinks the website is an outlet for female infidelity. Barbara Walters wondered whether partners can keep their cheating secret from one another.

The View: Ashley Madison Cheating Website & Infidelity Saves Marriage?

Noel Biderman, founder of online infidelity website Ashley Madison, appeared on The View with his wife, Amanda, to defend the company’s services.

Noel Biderman said that mobile devices such as iPhones are making it easier for women to pursue extramarital relationships.


The View: Amanda Biderman Infidelity

Noel and Amanda Biderman have been married for 10 years. He said that infidelity can help build strong marriages. But his wife, Amanda, said that cheating is destructive and devastating to relationships.

However, she admitted that use of their service has helped couples find ways to be happy in their lives. Amanda said she has traditional values and views cheating as destructive. The couple has a monogamous relationship.

“Ashley Madison is not creating cheaters. It is servicing a need that is there, that exists,” she said.

Noel called his website “an alternative to divorce,” when celibacy is not an option for them.

The View: Infidelity Dating Website

Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that she questions whether cheating on the side fosters an honest relationship or a healthy home life for a couple. Noel cited Bill and Hillary Clinton as an example of a couple that managed to navigate infidelity and keep themselves together.

Noel explained to a very confused Barbara Walters how the website works, but Walters did not seem to grasp the concept of online dating.

If this is so gross (and it kind of is), why do people like The View, Dr Phil, and The Doctors keeping giving it a platform on national TV?

The View: Infidelity Saves Marriage?

Amanda Biderman, who said she does not think infidelity is a positive thing, is the face of the company’s advertising. How does she justify this decision?

Biderman said that it is a business. I think this woman is in deep, deep denial. She claimed that her billboard advertising might spur couples to have honest communication about their relationships and lives.

The View: Infidelity Dating & Hypocrisy

Amanda told Sherri Shepherd that she would not be OK with her husband using Ashley Madison or a similar website to cheat on her.

“You don’t practice what you preach,” Barbara Walters observed, to light applause.

Amanda said that she thinks this is a choice that people have the option to make in a free society. Elisabeth questioned their motives, pointing out the financial success of the business.

The View: Newt Gingrich Ashley Madison

Newt Gingrich was used in an Ashley Madison ad with the headline “Unfaithful Husband.” Another called Mitt Romney a tax cheat.

Noel Biderman said they have to make the most of the advertising opportunities they get, so they try to make a memorable impression.


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