The View: Anthony Geary General Hospital 50th Anniversary


The View: Anthony Geary

Can you believe that General Hospital has been on the air for 50 years? For the last 35 seasons, Anthony Geary joined the show as Luke Spencer, helping skyrocket the show into an international sensation. He joined The View on the occasion of the show’s 50th anniversary.

The View: Anthony Geary Emmys


In 1978, Geary signed up for 13 weeks on the show. Now he has won a record seven Daytime Emmys over the course of 35 years. The actor told The View that his character is “full of surprises” and cannot easily be characterized as a hero or a villain. “He’s just not very cliche,” he said.

The View: Anthony Geary General Hospital 50th Anniversary

On The View, actor Anthony Geary reflected on the 50th anniversary of soap General Hospital, where he has played Luke Spencer for the past 35 years. (Phil Stafford /

Barbara Walters and Geary agreed that 35 years is a long time to be able to hang on to a job. Through the decades, he got to do a lot of crazy and interesting things. He enjoyed the start of his story, when he ran away with Laura.


More recently, his character ran down a child in his car and faced an intervention by his family and friends.

The View: General Hospital 50th Anniversary

General Hospital celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013. Familiar faces including Jack Wagner, Tyler Christopher, and many other former stars returned for a special episode to mark the milestone.

Geary said that he enjoyed seeing all his old friends again, and he said the audience has always loved its Nurses Ball episodes, which are returning to the show.

The View: General Hospital Ratings

Luke and Laura’s wedding in the early 1980s remains one of TV’s most watched moments in history. It was also around the same time as Princess Diana and Charles’ wedding. She sent the couple a gift for their special day.

Genie [Francis] and I both got a bottle of champagne from their wedding and a lovely note from her,” he said.

Sherri Shepherd said that her grandmother let her stay home to watch the wedding on General Hospital.

The View: Luke Spencer My Way

Shepherd praised Geary’s range as an actor. In 2007, Luke Spencer suffered a heart attack on the show and visited “a nightclub where he got to be the headliner,” which was one of Geary’s favorite moments from the show. In a clip from that episode, he performed the song “My Way.”

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Do you have a favorite moment from the soap? Let me know your soap opera memories in the comments section.


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