The View Amanda Knox Acquittal Overturned & Waiting to be Heard Memoir


The View: Amanda Knox – Waiting to be Heard

In 2007 Amanda Knox was charged with the murder of her housemate while studying abroad in Italy. The trial painted Know to look like a drug abuser and a woman who was sleeping around when she says neither of those are true.

After four years behind bars, Knox was finally acquitted of charges but the end of her troubles are far from over. Italy overturned the acquittal and is hoping to charge her again.


While on The View, Knox said she is doing better than she was before but she is still scared because she doesn’t know what will happen. She has a new trial she has to deal with but for months she has not been able to find out why she is being charged again.

“I should not have been convicted in the first place. It is known who committed this murder,” said Knox, pointing out the man who was charged with the murder admits to being in the apartment but not to committing the murder.

The View Amanda Knox Acquittal Overturned & Waiting to be Heard Memoir

The View talked with Amanda Knox about her memoir, Waiting to be Heard, why she confessed to the police and what she thinks of her acquittal being overturned.


Why Did Amanda Knox Admit to Murder?

When Barbara Walters asked Know why she confessed to the murder, Knox said she confessed to the murder of her housemate, Meredith Kercher, because in the immediacy of what was happening , she became confused. Her British friends had left the country right away, her other housemates were getting lawyers and the only thing she could think to do was call the police.

Knox’s mother, Edda Mellas, who was on The View with her, said her daughter did not directly confess to the murder but it was a night of confusion. The police were calling her daughter a liar when she wouldn’t confess and they were harassing her to tell them “the truth.” Underneath all that pressure, Mellas said her daughter finally gave in but she never said she anything to do with it.

“I was in a very vulnerable state. I did not understand what the police wanted from me. I did not understand what was happening,” said Know.

She said the only comfort she gets from the situation is knowing this happens to other people as well.

The View: Amanda Knox Kisses Boyfriend After Murder

A day after the murder the Italian press photographed Knox kissing her boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, which the press used as a photo to show that Knox didn’t care about her housemate. Knox said it was not true though. They picked the photos they wanted to run and they never chose the ones of her crying. They set out to make her look like a bad person.

Although she believes all the facts about her behaviour were irrelevant to the case, she writes about them all in her book, Waiting To Be Heard. She said she wrote about her behavior in the book not because it was relevant to the case but because she wanted to the facts to be correct.

“Why do you need to construct a narrative around your interpretations of your behavior,” said Knox, with her mother saying they only took tiny pieces and pulled it out of context. “It was used to persecute me.”

Italian Courts Overturn Amanda Knox’s Acquittal

Just three months ago, the Italian courts overturned their acquittal of Knox saying they will be trying her again. While she does not have to attend the trial, if the courts find her guilty, she could be extradited to Italy. Before the extradition though, the Italian government will have to prove to the US courts that Knox is guilty.

Both Knox and her mother said the extradition is so far down the road they are not worrying about it now. They are still trying to dig themselves out of the financial hole they dug themselves into during the first trial. After that they are going to start saving for a possible second trial.

Amanda Knox to Meredith Kercher Family

The View gave Knox the chance to say something to Kercher’s family.

“I am so sorry for what happened and sorry for how the murder keeps being dug up,” said Knox.

She added that she wants what really happened to be acknowledged. Even though they have charged someone with the murder, she wants the government to stop retrying the case. She wants it to end with the murderer locked up and everyone moving on with their lives.

“I wish I could have stood up to the police better. I wish I could have depended myself,” said Knox.



  1. Bob Smith says

    Knox never did NOT “admit to the murder of her housemate, Meredith Kercher.” Under intense questioning from Italian police she signed a statement that said she was in the apartment at the time of the murder and heard screams in another room. That’s not admitting to murder. Please get your facts correct.

    • says


      In the episode of The View she was on Barbara Walters asked why she confessed to the murder and Knox replied that she was confused and being told to tell the truth, the truth the Italian police wanted to hear. So, while on The View, she did say she confessed. Her mother then elaborated saying her daughter never said she was directly involved. I reworded the paragraph for it make more sense.

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