The View: Alan Thicke Vs Gilbert Gottfried Wife Swap & Megan Hilty CD


The View: Celebrity Wife Swap

In a new episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, TV star Alan Thicke is trading lives with comedian Gilbert Gottfried. In a clip from the episode, the couples seemed to be at odds in their initial meeting, but they were all smiles for their chat on The View. Plus, Smash star Megan Hilty performed a song from her new CD.

The View: Alan Thicke Wife Swap

The View: Alan Thicke Vs Gilbert Gottfried Wife Swap & Megan Hilty CD

The View talked with Alan Thicke, Gilbert Gottfried, and their spouses about changing lives for a week on Celebrity Wife Swap; Megan Hilty performed “No Cure.” (s_bukley /


Barbara Walters said she watched the episode and thinks that Gilbert is “so cheap and so eccentric.” But Alan Thicke’s wife, Tanya, said that he grows on you.

How cheap is Gilbert Gottfried? He said that he makes collect calls and takes his wife to a 99 cent store. “Are you two the only two left on the show now?” Gilbert quipped, since the couples were interviewed by Sherri and Walters.

The View: Gilbert Gottfried Wife Swap

Thicke’s wife said it was hard to adjust to Gottfried’s frugality, and did not know what to think of her experience taking the subway with him.


For Alan’s part, Walters said he seems to have an opulent lifestyle, with a wife who cooks and throws dinner parties. Dara, Gottfried’s wife, admitted that she did not have much in the way of cooking skills before spending a week in the Thicke household.

The View: Alan Thicke Hot Tub

Alan and Tanya typically end their days with some one-on-one time in the hot tub; when Dara got the hot tub time with Alan, Tanya said she was jealous. Gottfried kept joking that he was just in the swap for the conjugal aspect.

What did anyone learn from the experience? Tanya said that she “fell in love with Gilbert,” because they got to know each other during their time together. “Gilbert has such a great heart and soul.”

The View: Celebrity Wife Swap Review

Dara said that her husband has a huge personality, but she is thrilled that Dara got to see the man she has loved for 16 years. For his part, Gottfried did not have much to contribute to the conversation that was not obnoxious.

Dara was surprised to learn about the staff that takes care of the Thicke estate. She gave the help the day off to show Alan what it would be like to do your own chores.

You can watch this silly show and see what happened when these couples traded lives on Celebrity Wife Swap, Tuesday, March 12 2013 on ABC.

The View: Megan Hilty No Cure

From NBC’s Smash, Megan Hilty performed “No Cure,” from her CD It Happens All The Time. In the past, she performed on The View with the cast of 9 to 5. But her new album breaks away from her Broadway background.

Hilty credited Smash with expanding her horizons. Sherri Shepherd recalled seeing Hilty on Broadway in Wicked. Initially, Hilty was reluctant to take on the intimidating role. Now, she has gotten to work with everyone from Sean Hayes to Liza Minnelli.

Smash airs Tuesday nights on NBC.


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