The View: Air Force Father Makes Daughter’s Prom Dress From Scratch


The View: Air Force Sergeant Makes Daughter’s Prom Dress

Prom season does not only play as a stressor to those in attendance, but also on the bank accounts of the parents that are footing the bill. One Wisconsin father decided that this stress was a little more than he wanted to deal with, so, using his military training of all things, he crafted his daughter’s prom dress himself. The father and daughter came on The View May 10 2013 to talk about the process and model the dress.

The View: Air Force Father Makes Daughter's Prom Dress From Scratch

Air Force Sergeant David Herron made his daughter’s prom dress from scratch.


Sergeant David Herron Had Experience Sewing

Sergeant David Herron learned how to sew from a young age through sewing projects in school and later carried the skill over to the Air Force, where he sewed all his stripes and name tags on to his uniform, along with some hemming.

David Herron Made Prom Dress For Daughter

David Herron was not quite aware of the challenges his ambitions carried until he walked out of the fabric store with armloads of materials. Diane, his wife, shrugged his ambitions of being a seamstress, until David walked through the door like walking Jo-Ann Fabrics ad. It should be said that David has never made any clothes for her (David, you now know what to do for your wife on Mother’s Day).

There were moments where David fell into a creative slump and Diane doubted him, but he came through in the end, and for that she is very proud of him.


“You’re a better man than me,” co-host Steve Schirripa said. Indeed. Can someone get this super dad a cape and a mask?

Mariah Herron Loved Her Father’s Dress

Mariah, David Herron’s daughter and an outdoor lover, wanted a camouflage dress, so that’s what she got. She came out and modeled the dress, and the average person would actually never know that the dress was made by an Air Force officer (minus the whole camouflage bit).

Mariah absolutely adores the dress and she says it fits very well, so it looks like Dave did a good job on it. She didn’t believe that David was going to make the dress either until they were in the fabric store.

“I was just like, ‘this is actually happening,'” she said. Her prom, which was about two weeks ago, went off without a hitch, and the dress was very well received.

It looks like the do it yourself method really paid off for Dave, as the dress only cost about $100 to make (labor not included). Online, the dresses Mariah were looking at would have cost around $400 to $600.

I’ll bet David will be getting a very nice Father’s Day present this year.



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