The View: 98 Degrees Returns, 2.0 Review & A Father’s Lullaby


The View: 98 Degrees Returns After 13 Years

The last time boy bands were hot, Napster was a problem. With bands like The Jonas Brothers and One Direction helping them make a resurgence, it only makes sense that boy band veterans like 98 Degrees would make a return to show them how it’s done. So what’s been happening for the last 13 years that stopped them from making music for all this time?

According the Drew Lachey, the bands decided to take a bit of a break in the early 2000s, saying they would come back to it…and then life happened. A year and a half ago, though, they sat down and dedicated themselves to their new album, 2.0, which comes out today and for which they will be touring in the upcoming months.


The View: Nick Lachey A Father’s Lullaby

The View: 98 Degrees Returns, 2.0 Review & A Father's Lullaby

98 Degrees came by to talk about where they have been and perform a song off their new album, 2.0. (Featureflash /

Nick Lachey, another 98 Degrees band member, has a child with his wife Vanessa Minnillo (now Vanessa Lachey). The greatest moment for Nick in being a father? Doing a lullaby album for him, which just got released, A Father’s Lullaby. His favorite song off the album is “Sleepy Eyes,” which he used to hum to his son when he was still in the womb and can apparently recognize even now at his young age. D’aww!

The View: Drew Lachey Dancing With The Stars

Drew Lachey recently won a trophy on Dancing With The Stars. He actually has even made appearances on Broadway, with his most recent role occurring in 2008 in Monty Python’s Spamalot. If he weren’t making with 98 Degrees, Drew said he would like nothing more than to continue his live performances on Broadway.


Justin Jeffre, in a surprise twist, actually made an attempt to get into politics by running for mayor of Cincinnati. Though he did not win, he made contributions to the political conversations within the city.

Last but not least was Jeff Timmons, who was a Chippendale for a four-week run in 2011. Well, technically, he was more of a host and emcee than an actual performer.

The View: 98 Degrees Acapella

Melting the hearts of probably every woman in the crowd at the show, the crew closed off their segment with something they have always been known for – their acapella. I found myself a little more transfixed on their performance than I feel comfortable admitting.

The View: 98 Degrees Performs Microphone

At the end of the show, 98 Degrees did one more performance, this time the single “Microphone” off their new album 2.o. Of course, they hit us with all sorts of gorgeousness that you would expect from a boy (man?) band. Having been out of the game for 13 years, it doesn’t look like they’ve lost a beat, looking comfortable onstage and sounding confident with their vocals. Good comeback, guys.


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