Ed Helms Plays Drug Lord Obsessed with Orca Whale in We’re the Millers


The View: Ed Helms Vs Jason Sudeikis

We’re so used to seeing Ed Helms as a silly nerd that gets pushed around. In We’re the Millers, everything changes. Helms plays a drug kingpin that convinces Jason Sudeikis to get a mass amount of marijuana and carry it into the U.S. from Mexico. Aside from the fact that Helms and Sudeikis look like the same person, Helms has completely recreated himself in this comically sinister character.

Ed Helms plays a drug lord that loves orca whales in We're The Millers on August 7 2013. Can you tell the difference between Ed Helms and Jason Sudeikis? Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Ed Helms plays a drug lord that loves orca whales in We’re The Millers on August 7 2013. Can you tell the difference between Ed Helms and Jason Sudeikis? (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Helms said that, most of the time, casting directors put him in as an accountant or dentist, a la The Hangover trilogy. Drug lord? That’s a new one. Joy Behar found a blog where women fantasize about Ed Helms. Robin Thicke, who was guest co-hosting, welcomed him to the club. Helms said that he wants to put his phone number on the blog.

The drug lord that Helms plays has a lot of weird quirks. His office has an orca whale tank behind it, so he can just turn in his swivel chair and watch the orcas eating other animals. He also works on an ice sculpture throughout the film. It started melting and Helms was very worried about it falling apart during the scene. It’s a sculpture of Ed Helms hugging an orca whale. Obsessed much?

Ed Helms Plays Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke was supposed to watch the film before the interview, but said his wife distracted him with lingerie and sensual music. He was very open about ditching We’re the Millers to get it on with his wife.


Without even realizing it, Ed Helms got Robin Thicke back. He was in The Goods with Alan Thicke, Robin’s father, and played his son. Meaning, that weird, eccentric salesman with strange hair? Inspired by Robin Thicke? I think so.

Ed Helms Afraid of The Conjuring

Switching gears, Ed Helms revealed that he really can’t contain himself with scary movies. He’s working with The Conjuring’s Patrick Wilson on a new film and he watched the trailer for this new scary film. Helms then went into work, assured Wilson that he loved and supported him, but he was not going to be seeing The Conjuring.

Ed Helms Receives Honorary Doctorate from Knox College

While scary movies might get to him, speaking in front of a crowd didn’t. Ed Helms recently gave the commencement address at Knox College and received an honorary doctorate. When he was in college, Helms was experimenting with different looks and wore his hair in a very stylish, for a woman, bob.

See him being awkward with orcas in We’re the Millers, out August 7 2013.


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