The View: Whoopi Visits Apollo Theater & Sylvia’s Restaurant Review


The View: Whoopi Goldberg Tours New York City

Whoopi Goldberg has been The View on a tour of New York City over the past couple weeks, and for the last installment in the series, Whoopi and her tour guide, Nathan Kaufman, headed up town to show us some very interesting spots in the Big Apple, like the Apollo Theater.

The View: The Medieval Herb Gardens In The Cloisters

The View: Whoopi Visits Apollo Theater & Sylvia's Restaurant Review

Whoopi visited the Apollo Theater on her tour of New York City. (littleny /


The first stop Whoopi and Nathan Kaufman was at the Medieval Herb Garden in the Cloisters. The Cloisters is a museum that was completed in 1938 and is composed entirely of Medieval artifacts from the early 14th to 11th centuries. What makes the museum so unique, however, is that the architecture of the entire museum is based off of architecture from those times, as well.  A little history—when the area was recovered in the 1930s it was being used as a stable.

George Grey Barnard was the sculptor who had the wonderful idea to design and construct this landmark and was commissioned by John Rockefeller. To make the views just as serene as they would be back in the Medieval days, the two also purchased 700 acres of the surrounding land around the Hudson River to make sure that none of it was heavily developed. It essentially allows visitors to visit Europe right in the middle of New York City.

The Cloisters will be hosting events this year, so be sure to check them out if you’re in New York!


The View: The Apollo Theater

The next stop was the world-famous Apollo Theater. As soon as you walk in the door, there is a large mural of all the famous faces in African American performing arts that have appeared in the theater. From Aretha Franklin to The Temptations, they are all there.

Amateur night still goes on every Wednesday.

The View: Sylvia’s Restaurant

If you are looking for soul food, Sylvia’s Restaurant is the place to go. They consider soul food to be one of the most important cultural markers for African Americans, and their product reflects that. So famous is the quality of their food, that President Obama and President Clinton have visited the restaurant.

What’s the secret ingredient that makes their food so great? You guessed it: love.


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