The View Kate Middleton Baby Picture Projections & Honey Boo Boo or No


The View: Computer Generated Picture of Kate Middleton’s Child

The internet has been going crazy over the news that Kate Middleton is pregnant. Some people have even taken it so far as to create computer generated baby pictures of what the baby might look like as a boy and as a girl.

The View tossed up of a picture of Whoopi Goldberg as a baby and said it might turn out looking like Whoopi.


The View: Kate Middleton in the Hospital

Kate Middleton has been the hospital since yesterday afternoon for hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute form of morning sickness that can lead to dehydration. You better believe they are not taking any chances with Middleton’s health as she carries the heir to the English throne in her stomach. She is said to have to stay in the hospital another few days.

The View Kate Middleton Baby Picture Projections & Honey Boo Boo or No

The View took a look at some computerized pictures of what Kate Middleton’s baby will look like. (dutourdumonde /

The View: Kate Middleton’s Baby’s Name?

The View speculated on the name of the child, saying the baby will probably be named after the father or the grandfather. And with four names each (Prince William’s full name is William Arthur Phillip Louis) they are going to have plenty to pick from.


Maybe they will name it Whoopi Windsor or Diana, after Prince William’s mother.

The View: Honey Boo Boo & Adam Levine

The Voice judge and lead singer for Maroon 5, Adam Levine, recently told GQ magazine that Honey Boo Boo is the decay of the Western Civilization, but The View seemed to disagree. The View all agreed the family was very loving and they had a lot of fun as a family. Elisabeth Hasselbeck said it was not right to criticize the young girl and said the show should be criticized if anything.

Barbara Walters said Honey Boo Boo is going to be named to the top 10 most fascinating people next week when Walters interviews her for one of her specials.

The View: Barbie Dream House Mansion

The View also announced everyone in the audience was going to be going home with a Barbie Dream House Mansion.


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