The View: Central Park Conservancy, Harlem Meer & Gray’s Papaya Review


The View: Whoopi’s New York

Whoopi Goldberg is taking viewers to some of her favorite hidden treasures around the city of New York in a new recurring series. Whoopi and tour guide Nathan Kaufman headed to Central Park to show off one of Whoopi’s favorite spots in Manhattan, with gems like the Harlem Meer.

The View: Gray’s Papaya Review

The View: Central Park Conservancy, Harlem Meer & Gray's Papaya Review

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg took a guided tour of Central Park, visiting the Harlem Meer and learning about the park’s magnificent history; Gray’s Papaya.


Goldberg said anyone’s first stop in New York should be Gray’s Papaya, for “the greatest hot dog in the city.” There, Goldberg ordered some well-done hot dogs before heading to scenic Central Park.

The View: Central Park Acreage

There is a lot of nature and wildlife waiting to be discovered in Central Park, from dog walkers and geese to waterfalls and baby birds.

The park opened in 1861, and it is 341 acres of landscaped parkland. Everything that lives in the park was put there by design.


As a child growing up in New York City, Whoopi loved that you could get to the park from anywhere you lived.

The View: Central Park Conservancy

A pool in the park draws all kinds of wildlife, including turtles and ducks. Birds took a natural bath in one of the ponds, and Whoopi even caught some ducks flirting.

What about litter in the park? The Central Park Conservancy helps to keep the trash picked up and maintains the beauty of the space. Whoopi fished a bag of flowers out of the water during her visit.

The View: Harlem Meer

The Harlem Meer (that’s Dutch for “lake”) was put in as a reminder of New York’s Dutch history. They were the first to colonize New York.

Whoopi and her friend also headed to check out the Manhattan Schist, very dense granite under the city that helps to support its infrastructure and massive skyscrapers.

The View: Central Park Review

In conclusion, Whoopi said that Central Park is one of her favorite parts of New York. But you can never see everything there is to see in the park in just one visit. Goldberg will be taking viewers all over the city as this series continues.


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