The View: Best In TV – Greatest TV Shows Of Our Time & I Love Lucy


The View: Best In TV

The ladies of The View talked about a Barbara Walters special, Best In TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time. My first assertion is that Barbara Walters’ time encapsulates basically the entirety of television history, so what era does “our time” refer to?

The View: Greatest TV Shows

The View: Best In TV - Greatest TV Shows Of Our Time & I Love Lucy

On The View, Barbara Walters previewed her 20/20 special, Best In TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time, featuring the classic sitcom I Love Lucy. (catwalker /


The special edition of 20/20 will look back at a viewer-selected list of television’s most popular and beloved shows. At the top of the list is I Love Lucy, starring Lucille Ball. Barbara Walters said the special covers all genres of television.

“Things have changed since the days of I Love Lucy,” Walters astutely noted.

The View: I Love Lucy Review

Whoopi Goldberg recalled that Lucy brought her show from radio to TV and wanted to feature her Hispanic husband as her co-star, which was controversial at the time. But that wasn’t the only taboo on early TV.


“You couldn’t sleep in the same bed with the man you were married to. You couldn’t say you were pregnant,” Whoopi said.

That seems like such a faraway time, and yet public opinion is often slow to change. I Love Lucy is still airing in repeats on TV Land and some local TV stations.

The two-hour 20/20 special Best In TV airs Saturday, March 9 2013 on ABC.

The View: Latinos On TV

These days, Latino cast members are becoming more popular on television, and a TV producer would not have the same challenges in casting a minority lead. However, despite that barrier being broken six decades ago, we still do not see many minority cast members in primetime series.

The makeup of many TV show casts is not reflective of America’s diverse and changing population. What do you think is the reason for that?

The View: Justin Bieber & Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Justin Bieber has been getting a lot of bad publicity lately, and he responded on Twitter, saying “I’m only judged by one power and I serve him.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck tweeted a response supporting him, and on the panel she called herself a “Bieber big sister.” That sounds like the worst reality show idea ever.

The View: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Natural Food Expo

If you can’t get enough of Hasselbeck, you can see her at the Natural Food Expo in Anaheim, California, on Friday, March 8 2013, where she will sign copies of her Deliciously G-Free cookbook.


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