The View: Barbara Walters Is Back & Hilarious Teacher Mike Rivera


The View: Welcome Back Barbara

After several weeks away recovering from chickenpox, Barbara Walters made a splash by returning to The View. She showed off her one remaining chickenpox and the scar from her fall in Washington, D.C.

“Today, after a lot of scratching and rest, I am fine and I am healthy,” Walters said. She said that she contracted chickenpox from someone who had shingles. Since Walters never had the condition as a child, she picked up the virus.


The View: Barbara Walters Head Injury

The View: Barbara Walters Is Back & Hilarious Teacher Mike Rivera

Barbara Walters returned to The View after spending six weeks at home recovering from a head injury and chickenpox. (Helga Esteb /

During her inaugural weekend reporting duties, she visited the home of the British ambassador. That is when she fainted, hit her head on the marble floor, and wound up in Georgetown University Hospital.


In particular, she thanked plastic surgeon Dr Michael Olding and surgery chief Dr Bruce Abell. She also thanked ABC News president Ben Sherwood for looking out for her. Walters traveled from D.C. back to New York via ambulance.

The View: Barbara Walters Concussion

Walters suffered a concussion, and former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton offered to buy Walters and her own mother matching helmets. The chickenpox came and went, but she had to rest up to recover from her head injury.

Many stars and celebrities have been reaching out to welcome Barbara back, including the Obamas, the Carters, Nancy Reagan, Cardinal Dolan, and the Queen of Jordan. Walters also thanked viewers for thinking about her.

The View: Michael Bloomberg & Barbara Walters

Of course, no one was happier than the co-hosts to have Barbara back at the show. They invited New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to present roses to Barbara, which made her cry.

Bloomberg said that he has less than a year left on his term, and would love to join the panel on The View.

The View: Hilarious Teachers Winner

Last week, The View showcased five teachers with jokes in the show’s How Funny Are You? contest. It was time to finally name a winner, who would get the opportunity to perform a full standup set on Joy’s Comedy Corner, on a future episode of The View.

The winner chosen by the show was Mike Rivera. He said that he is no longer nervous, after his experiences teaching 7th grade. He will appear on Joy’s comedy Corner on Friday, March 8 2013.


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