The View: Xanax Addiction, Therapy Vs Medicine & Nutritional Advice


The View: Mental Health & Diet Advice

A day of medical advice on The View included potentially dangerous diseases such as GERD and skin beauty treatments for every decade. Next, Dr Gail Saltz was on the show with some thoughts on mental health. Plus, dietitian Keri Glassman shared nutritional advice for every age.

The View: Women’s Depression & Anxiety


Dr Gail Saltz said that women have depression and anxiety at twice the rate of men. Biology is a factor, but Saltz also feels that social factors are a big contribution. The good news is that mental illness has less of a stigma than it once did.

The View: Xanax Addiction, Therapy Vs Medicine & Nutritional Advice

The View experts discussed Xanax addiction and abuse of prescription drugs, and healthy alternatives like therapy. Keri Glassman shared nutritional advice.

Changes in sleep patterns or appetites can be warning signs to ask your doctor about. Thoughts of suicide are also major warning signs. Any of these symptoms lasting longer than a couple weeks are important to talk with your doctor.


The View: Xanax Addiction & Ambien Abuse

Medicines such as Xanax are reaching epidemic levels, according to Dr Saltz. Addictive medications can become ineffective as you build up a tolerance in your body.

On the other hand, Ambien is not addictive, but there are other ways to improve your sleep hygiene and get more restful sleep. Relax before heading to bed. Only use your bed for sleep, she advised.

There could also be medical factors affecting sleep patterns that could be addressed in other ways.

The View: Therapy Vs Medicine

Whoopi Goldberg blamed commercials for selling Americans on pills. Joy Behar felt that the side effects of most advertised medications could not be worth the benefits. Dr Gail Saltz said that people should be more open to psychotherapy as a more practical option. Studies show that therapy and medicine work best in tandem.

The View: Nutritional Advice At All Ages

Finally, nutritionist and dietitian Dr Keri Glassman shared advice on dieting through every decade.

  • In your 20s, focus on Iron, Protein, and Calcium. Rely less on fast food or packaged food.
  • In the 30s, get Omega-3, the B vitamin Folate, and Calcium in your diet. These can also help prepare the body for pregnancy.
  • By the 40s, focus on Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Fiber. As your metabolism slows, think about portion size and healthy foods.
  • In the 50s, eat Vitamin A, Monounsaturated Fats (like olive oil and tahini), and Ubiquinol, an antioxidant (Avocado, Chicken Breast, CoQ10).


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