The View: What’s It Worth & Michael Corbett Real Estate Prices


The View: What’s It Worth?

Have you been thinking about buying a house or maybe moving across the country? Real estate expert Michael Corbett was on The View to show the ladies and the audience how far your dollar can stretch depending on where you live. So, what’s it worth?

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The View: What's It Worth & Michael Corbett Real Estate Prices

The View co-hosts played What’s It Worth? with real estate expert Michael Corbett and guessed the cost of homes on the market across the United States.

Michael Corbett is also the author of Find It, Fix It, Flip It! and appears as a real estate correspondent on Extra.

The first property was on four acres with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. There was a marble fireplace, swimming pool, and nine-foot ceilings. Whoopi Goldberg guessed $329,000.


She was very close, because the property in Fountain Inn, South Carolina was valued at $399,900.

The View: New Jersey Priced To Sell Home

Joy had to guess on the next listing, which was “priced to sell” and had a contemporary layout but needed some updating on the interiors. Joy was not impressed with the pictures inside the property. She guessed the price at $500,000, but the total for the property in Alpine, New Jersey was actually $4.25 million.

Michael explained that this is one of the top ZIP codes in the country, and houses in the neighborhood go for around $10 million. Whoopi and Michael agreed that the property taxes in that state can be outrageous.

The View: Lithonia, Georgia Estate Prices

Guest host Kevin Sorbo was the next contestant, and his property was a classic colonial two-story home. Corbett called it an amazing deal. What’s it worth? Kevin guessed the price at $2.3 million. But the house in Lithonia, Georgia, was only $50,000.

The mortgage payment on that house is just $224 per month, and Kevin Sorbo actually whipped out his wallet to buy it on the spot.

The View: Parkland Florida Waterfront Property

Elisabeth Hasselbeck had to guess on a waterfront estate with a swimming pool, marble floors, and a three-car garage. What’s it worth? She priced the property around $5 million, but the Parkland, Florida, estate, was just $399,900, which is supposedly an amazing deal.

The View: Bradbury California Mansion

Next, Michael took The View co-hosts inside a palatial mansion property with 40,000 square feet, containing a 3D theater and a 350,000 gallon swimming pool. There is also a two-story library, a wine cellar, a poker room, and an infinity pool.

Kevin Sorbo had the chance to redeem himself with a guess on the price: $40 million. The Bradbury, California, property is listed for $68.8 million.

The View: Leann Rimes Short Sale

In Hidden Hills, California, Michael had a celebrity estate to show off, featuring six bedrooms and 8000 square feet. This house just sold to a well-known entertainer. What’s it worth? The guesses ranged from $7.5 million up to $50 million.

However, someone just bought the home for $3 million to Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, who got in in a short sale.

The View: Kevin Sorbo Abel’s Field

The day’s guest co-host, Kevin Sorbo, appears in the new movie Abel’s Field, which is available now.


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