The View: Sherri Shepherd Plan D Review & Diabetes Exercise Routine


The View: Sherri Shepherd

You know Sherri Shepherd as a comedian, actress, and co-host on The View. But she is also a new face of Diabetes, and she is telling her story in a new book, Plan D.

The View: Sherri Shepherd Diabetes

The View: Sherri Shepherd Plan D Review & Diabetes Exercise Routine

The View co-host Sherri Shepherd explained her diabetes diagnosis, personal history, and how she has gotten her health in check with the new book Plan D.


Sherri Shepherd ignored her family history and her doctor’s advice, even though her mother passed away at age 41 from Diabetes. At age 40, Sherri got her Diabetes diagnosis.

Thinking of her own son made her realize that ignoring her symptoms would not make anything go away.

The View: Sherri Shepherd Plan D

Her new book, Plan D, shares a three-step plan for overcoming Diabetes. Say goodbye to fried foods, she suggested. If you want to be there for your kids or anyone else you love in your life, you can start by pursuing a healthy diet.


Eat a low-glycemic diet, she advised. This means maybe eating a yogurt-peach smoothie instead of cereal.

“All the white foods…the sugars, the carbs, you have to watch out for,” she said. “You want more fiber. You want foods that are colorful. You want a lot of fruits and vegetables.”

The View: Sherri Shepherd Diabetes Exercise Routine

Sherri said you can find alternatives for your favorite snacks and desserts that are healthier for you. Plus, you have to get serious about exercising, which is something Shepherd said she used to hate.

This doesn’t mean necessarily going to the gym. You have to find ways to make it fun for yourself, she suggested. She does lunges in her laundry room or does push-ups in the kitchen.

The View: Sherri Shepherd Motivation

“You have to be forgiving,” she said, noting that you have to treat yourself well and stay motivated. “This is the best I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Since joining The View, Shepherd said she has lost 40 pounds. You can get more of Sherri’s personal story and advice, whether or not you are at risk for Diabetes, in the new book Plan D.


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