The View: Michael Breed Teaches Barbara Walters How To Golf…Sort Of


The View: Barbara Learns To Golf

Even though Barbara Walters has made waves in the television world, she admits to having always been a terrible athlete. So bad, in fact, that she says when she went to summer camp as a child, she had to be awarded most improved athlete. We all know that award just means that you are the absolute worst on your team, but you happened to make a few lucky shots or catches when the other team screwed up.

To help make sure Barbara never gets the most improved athlete award ever again, professional golfer Michael Breed came in to give her a few pointers in the new segment, Barbara Learns To… 


The View: Michael Breed Teaches Barbara Walters How To Golf...Sort Of

Michael Breed tried (and failed) to teach Barbara Walters how to golf.

Barbara Learns To Putt

Often one of the tenser moments during the golf game, the putt is vital to master so your drives at the tee-off pay off. Barbara didn’t exactly take her shots from the suggested practice distance (about three inches away), but she still managed to miss her first shot, so Michael Breed stepped in for some one-on-one attention.

After teaching Barbara to keep her hands together on the putter, point it towards the hole and bend at the waist but not the knees, she was ready to swing. Instructing her to only swing the putter as far back as her rear foot and as far forward as her front foot, Barbara let it fly. She got a little over-zealous with her follow through, and the ball went careening into the backstage. Round two was also a miss, but she at least kept the ball on the green.


Barbara Learns To Swing

Barbara had to take on the role of good sport here, as Michael Breed has a pretty unique way to teach a beginner how to swing a golf club – by putting a child’s floaty around their waist. The hippo-themed floaty’s name was Happy Harry, and Barbara insisted that it stay on throughout her practice swing.

Before Barbara took a swing (HAHA) at hitting a small, hard, round object with considerable force using a metal club in a room full of people, they thought it wise to have her take a few practice swings first. All of them were awkward, and the hits weren’t all that impressive, so Whoopi stepped up to the tee and took a shot. Though a lot more impassioned with her swing, she was no pro, either.


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