The View: Isolaz Acne, MolaFind Cancer Test & Vitalize Peel Review


The View: Skin Care At Every Age

For The Year of the Viewer, The View team put together a health-themed episode featuring skin care advice through the years with Dr Doris Day, a dermatologist. Check out her suggestions for Isolaz acne treatment, MolaFind cancer tests, and the Vitalize Peel review.

The View: Acne Treatment Isolaz Review


Dr Doris Day said that you have to go deeper than the skin to listen to your body. Your skin wants you to take care of it so you can look great and be healthy. But in each decade, your skin needs different things.

The View: Isolaz Acne, MolaFind Cancer Test & Vitalize Peel Review

The View shared skin care and beauty advice for any age with dermatologist Dr Doris Day, who suggested Isolaz, MolaFind, the Vitalize Peel review, and more.

In your 20s, the focus is on prevention. If you still have acne in your 20, the Isolaz treatment kills bacteria and stimulates collagen through deep pore cleansing. Dr Day said it can also help to treat scars.


The View: Clear & Brilliant Review

If you have sun damage in your 20s, Dr Day recommended the Clear & Brilliant Treatment, a series of treatments similar to microdermabrasion. It may improve skin tone and reduce scarring.

The View: MolaFind Cancer Screening

Melanoma is a common cancer in women in their 20s, and Dr Day advised not visiting tanning salons. Get screened by your doctor for skin cancer.

Dr Day’s assistant did a MolaFind scan to assess a mole and determine whether it is a health risk. She said that this is a good age to start being screened, which 75% of women do not do.

The View: Xeomin & Vitalize Peel Review

In your 30s, Dr Day recommended starting routine beauty treatments. In addition to Botox, there are new products such as Xeomin and Dysport, which can relieve crow’s feet and give you a natural looking smile. Then there is Fraxel for brown spots, a stronger treatment to clear those up.

For discoloration known as Melasma, Dr Day suggested the Vitalize Peel. She performed it on a model to show the two-step process. Guest host Brooke Burke Charvet said that she struggled with Melasma after pregnancy.

The View: Viviscal & Julien Farel Review

By your 40s, your hair may start aging or thinning. What can you do about this? Dr Day suggested Viviscal, a natural over the counter supplement.

Also on Dr Day’s list of recommendations was Julien Farel shampoo and conditioner. She said these products provide anti-aging benefits for your hair.

If you are experiencing skin sagging in your 40s, there is the Ulthera laser treatment to minimize skin effects.

What about spider veins? For those, Dr Doris Day recommended Asclera, which is one of the newer products. She said it is the safest treatment she knows of. In just two treatments, you can clear up your veins. Try doing it in spring or winter rather than summer.

The View: Belotero & Sculptra

By your 50s, you may have more time to spend on enjoying yourself. Belotero Balance Injectable Gel is a skin treatment for smoker’s lines.

Then there is Sculptra Aesthetic, Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse. These products could be part of lifelong skin care and beauty treatments to maintain a healthy appearance.


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