The View: High Fructose Corn Syrup Warning & Sugar Alternatives


The View: Hidden Sugars

Did you know that The View host Sherri Shepherd is a Type 2 Diabetic? That’s why she tries to avoid sugar. But now she is confused about hidden sugars and good vs bad sugars. To clear all this up, Dr Lindsey Duncan was on The View with a high fructose corn syrup warning and sugar alternatives.

The View: Glucose Vs Fructose Sugar

The average American probably eats 150 pounds of sugar per year. According to Dr Lindsey Duncan, a naturopathic doctor and nutritionist, the amount of sugar we have consumed through the centuries have steadily increased.


A healthy sugar, such as glucose, comes from fruits and grains, comes from our bodies breaking down carbohydrates. Then there is fructose, the natural fruit sugar.

The View: High Fructose Corn Syrup Warning & Sugar Alternatives

The View co-hosts learned about sugar alternatives from Dr Lindsey Duncan, who warned about the debilitating effects of processed sugars on our bodies.

But don’t confuse that with the “glucose” or “fructose” you see on a product label in a store. That is probably bad for your health. Dr Duncan said that you should not buy or eat products with those ingredients on the label.


The View: Sucrose Table Sugar & High Fructose Corn Syrup Warning

Sucrose, or table sugar, which is found in beets and cane, is overprocessed before it ends up in our food products, removing any fiber or vitamins from the sugar and resulting in a “frankenfood.”

Then there is high fructose corn syrup, which is found in cereal, ketchup, soda, and much more. Dr Duncan’s advice was to read the label and avoid high fructose corn syrup products as well.

The View: Sugar Alternatives

What can you use, according to Dr Duncan, instead? He recommended honey, Stevia, and agave nectar. Sherri said she uses Stevia and agave as a diabetic. Children are very prone to sugar crashes, and instilling good habits starts early.

Dr Duncan showed an animation of how sugar hits the pancreas, flooding the brain with insulin and leading to weight gain. Barbara Walters looked absolutely perplexed by this whole interview. She was outraged that she thought she could not eat sugar. I love cookies too, Barbara.

The View: Glucose PET Scan

A PET scan for cancer cells will often find that cancer cells absorb glucose. That is one major sign of the serious effects sugar can have on the body, according to Duncan.

Alternatives to sugary foods include Almond Milk and rolled oats instead of oatmeal. When it comes to alcohol, you could be drinking a lot of hidden sugar.

The View: Sugar In Alcohol

The best drink is vodka, lime, and soda, according to Duncan, who steamrolled Sherri and Barbara in a confusing interview.

Barbara’s takeaway was “no sugar,” which seemed to match up with Duncan’s doomsday warnings about sugar. But he insisted that the real trick is moderation.


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