The View: Deborah Tillman Spanking Advice & America’s Supernanny


The View: America’s Supernanny

Deborah Tillman is taking charge of an out of control family in the Lifetime series America’s Supernanny: Family Lockdown. Tillman, who has three Virginia child care centers and over two decades of experience, shared her thoughts on The View.

The View: Deborah Tillman

The View: Deborah Tillman Spanking Advice & America's Supernanny

The View invited America’s Supernanny, Deborah Tillman, to share her perspective on parenting advice, including what she thinks about spanking and bullies.


Tillman’s passion and expertise was borne from experience: “I had seven childcare providers in three months,” she explained about her own experiences.

One caretaker never took her son out of his car seat during the four hours he was in her care. Tillman said that she encountered a lot of bad behavior as a parent, which inspired her to take control and do it better.

The View: Supernanny Lockdown

Tillman recommended making use of nanny cams to keep an eye on caretakers, as well as showing up at the daycare when you are not expected, for surprise visits.


Tillman helped to assess and confront the situation in a house where a single mom was struggling with five children. She had to help build up her client and show her how to get where she wanted to go.

The View: Spanking As Punishment?

Tillman said that she does not agree with spanking, which she thinks sets a bad example for kids and doesn’t teach them any positive lessons. For children ages 2-8, she suggests the Calm Down Corner to teach children how to control themselves.

The View: Crying Baby At Bedtime

What do you do for a crying baby at bedtime? Tillman said that her advice is to instill good habits. You have to let a baby learn to sleep on its own and self-soothe. Parents have to overcome a baby’s crying and let them be independent.

The View: Children Who Are Bullies

How can parents keep their cool when children are acting up? Respond, don’t react, she suggested. Correct the behavior, but be sure to keep your own emotions in check.

If you think your child is a bully, make sure that the consequences hit home for the children. Think about making them write an essay or taking away some favorite privileges.

America’s Supernanny airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.


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