The View: Can I Use A Drug After Expiration Date? Tap Vs Bottled Water


The View: Dr Richard Besser

What is the question you always forget to ask at the doctor’s office? Dr Richard Besser from ABC News has a new book, called Tell Me The Truth, Doctor. He was on The View to answer some frequently asked questions your physician may not have covered during your last visit. Can you use a drug after expiration? What should you worry about with your cell phone?

The View: Can I Be Fat & Fit?

Can you be fit and fat? According to Dr Richard Besser, the answer is no. It is all about heart health, and obesity puts extra stress on the organ. Obesity also puts patients at risk for many other health problems, like heart disease and diabetes.


“But the flip side is you can be thin and be totally unfit,” he added. “You need to exercise, whatever your weight.”

The View: Tap Water Vs Bottled Water

The View: Can I Use A Drug After Expiration Date? Tap Vs Bottled Water

The View asked Dr Richard Besser to tackle some common health questions. Can you use a drug after expiration? Is there a health benefit to tap water?

Should you be drinking bottled water instead of tap water? No, according to Dr Besser. He said that the top selling bottled water is simply filtered tap water.


“If you don’t like the taste of your water, get a filter at home and filter it,” he advised.

The View: Can I Use A Drug After Expiration Date?

Is it ever OK to use a drug after its expiration date? That depends. Dr Besser said that cold medicine and over the counter pain relievers in pill form can stay effective for years after the expiration date.

However, he recommended getting rid of liquid medicines, which can lose their potency over time. And if you have prescription medicine that is expired, be sure to throw it out and get an updated prescription, he said.

The View: Cell Phone Brain Cancer?

According to Besser, “there is absolutely no evidence that cell phones cause brain cancer.” However, you can use texting or the speakerphone if you are worried about a potential risk.

His big warning about cell phones is not to use them in the car; he compared it to driving drunk. Studies about children’s use of cell phones are ongoing.

In case you, like Sherri Shepherd, store your cell phone in your bra, Dr Besser said that is OK as well.

The View: Oral Plaque & Heart Disease

A Los Angeles viewer wondered whether oral plaque is related to plaque in the arteries. Dr Besser said they are completely different, but some dental researchers believe there is a link between oral bacteria and heart disease.

“The bottom line is, be good to your heart and be good to your teeth,” he said.

A New York viewer asked when to check yourself for diabetes. Pregnancy is an important screening time, he said. Changes such as frequent thirst, frequent urination, or sudden weight loss can be red flags you may want to ask a doctor about.

The View: Multivitamin Reviews

Should you take a multivitamin? Do they work? Dr Richard Besser said that he does not believe in the vitamin craze, preferring that patients get more benefit from getting vitamins in your diet. In certain health circumstances, including pregnancy, he recommended taking them.

But Besser said that the average person did not need a multivitamin. He recommended adding more fruits and veggies to your diet instead of taking a vitamin. Some vitamins could actually be worse for your body, he suggested.

Don’t forget to ask your own doctor or medical authority for specific advice about your health. You can get more from Dr Besser in his book, Tell Me The Truth, Doctor.


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