The Talk: Chocolate Pyramid Cake Recipe & Bake It Like You Mean It


The Talk Takeaway: Cooking

What’s for dessert? Just ask pastry chef Gesine Bullock-Prado, the woman behind the new cookbook Bake It Like You Mean It. On The Talk, she made a Chocolate Pyramid Cake Recipe.

“You have to bake with heart,” the chef said. “Even if it doesn’t look fantastic, you can taste how good it is.” She says that you can tell by the taste of a dessert whether that person put his or her heart into it in the kitchen.

The Talk: Chocolate Pyramid Cake Recipe

Gesine said that the batter for this has to be thick and sturdy, almost like a brownie. For this recipe, you need the eggs and butter at room temperature. You can always test your cake for doneness using your finger.


  1. chris forepaugh says

    Thanks for posting these recipes, I saw this episode and want to try this cake, but they don’t give the entire recipe on air and their website makes it hard to find their recipes…

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