The Talk: Daytime Emmy Awards Celebration & Hot in Cleveland Finale


The Talk June 17 2013 Preview

The ladies of The Talk are celebrating the 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards with a special show dedicated to all the winners. The Talk is inviting some of the biggest winners on the show to dish about the night, their award and what they plan on doing in the future.

The Talk is also inviting the cast of Hot in Cleveland on the show to talk about the final three episodes of their fourth season.


The Talk: Daytime Emmy Awards Celebration & Hot in Cleveland Finale

The Talk June 17 2013 is talking with the Hot in Cleveland cast about the final episodes of Season 4 and they are celebrating the Daytime Emmy Awards.
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The Talk: Daytime Emmy Awards Celebration

The Daytime Emmy Awards are taking place this Sunday, June 16 2013, and The Talk hosts are probably hoping for a few awards themselves. But, besides them, there are a lot of other people hoping to win awards and The Talk is ready to bring them into the studio to show off their prize.

Since the awards don’t take place until the day before The Talk kicks off their week of shows, none of the guests are not going to be announced until the day of the awards ceremony.


With so many CBS soap operas nominated for a Daytime Emmy, The Talk will probably be inviting some soap opera celebrities on the show. But Wayne Brady is also up for an award, so maybe he will be on the show. Or Drew Carey. He has a nomination for The Price is Right.

The Talk: Hot in Cleveland Season Four Finale

The ladies from Hot in Cleveland are stopping by The Talk to discuss the final three episodes of their fourth season. The series has been on hiatus all spring but they left fans hanging with three additional episodes that will be premiering around the middle of June.

The Hot in Cleveland cast will be giving a sneak peek at those final episodes and talking about their upcoming season 5.

Make sure to tune into The Talk June 17 2013 to see an interview with the cast from Hot in Cleveland and to find out who won big at the Daytime Emmy Awards.


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