The Talk: Things Remembered Custom Digital Frame Review & Blue Bloods


The Talk: Price Is Right Royal Caribbean Giveaway

Drew Carey concluded the week of Price Is Right games on The Talk by giving away a Royal Caribbean cruise. Aisha Tyler shared a Things Remembered custom digital frame review.

Friday marked the conclusion of celebrity week for his game show. Carey said that he can never name a favorite anything, because he is indecisive.


The Talk: Things Remembered Custom Digital Frame Review & Blue Bloods

Drew Carey played his Price Is Right Range Game on The Talk, giving away a Things Remembered Custom Digital Picture Frame to everyone in the audience. (Lisette M. Azar / CBS)

It was the return of the Range Game on The Talk, as audience contestant Deborah took the stage. She was playing for a seven-night cruise for two on Royal Caribbean.


The Talk: Price Is Right Range Game

To win, Deborah had to hit the button to stop the range on a $150-area representing the estimated cost of her cruise vacation package. She guessed the prize was worth about $2800, which was right on the money.

The Talk: Things Remembered Custom Digital Frame Review

The rest of the studio audience won custom digital picture frames from Things Remembered, which can be engraved with names and initials, playing photo slideshows and music.

It’s been a week of great prizes with Drew Carey from The Price Is Right, which airs weekdays on CBS. What is your favorite game show? Tell me in the comments.

The Talk: Julie Chen Blood Bloods Spoof

All week, The Talk co-hosts have gone on the sets of their favorite CBS dramas. Julie Chen faced off against Donnie Wahlberg from Blue Bloods. “Normally, I get mistaken for Connie Chung,” she said about her case of mistaken identity. Later in her interrogation, Julie fell asleep. You can watch the real stars of Blue Bloods doing their thing every Friday night on CBS.

Earlier in the week, Sara Gilbert did a Vegas spoof, Sharon Osbourne was on Elementary, and Aisha Tyler did Hawaii Five-0. If you could guest star on one TV show, what would you pick and why?


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