The Talk: Soul Cycle Review, Full Body Cycling Workout & Angela Davis


The Talk Takeaway: Fitness

Angela Davis is at the forefront of an indoor cycling revolution, and she was a guest on The Talk to share the secrets of her 45-minute workout. She shared her Soul Cycle class with the hosts, calling it a special “full-body workout.”

The Talk: Soul Cycle Review


The Talk: Soul Cycle Review, Full Body Cycling Workout & Angela Davis

The Talk tried out the Soul Cycle full body bicycling workout, featuring moves to engage the core and muscles.

What is Soul Cycle? “It’s meditative. We set our intention. We set a goal for the ride,” Davis said. It is a community-building experience set to candlelight and music, as she explained it, which sounds relaxing and maybe even exhilarating.

The Talk: Soul Cycle Tap Back

Davis led The Talk team through a series of positions on the bike, before getting into the more complex moves.


For the Tap Back move, you were supposed to touch the back of your bike saddle for one count, while pedaling on your feet. You know Sheryl Underwood had something inappropriate to say about her workout.

The Talk: Tricep Dips and Push-Ups

You can work the triceps and chest by doing reps moving your elbows in and out on the bike. In another move, you can work the oblique muscles while sitting in the bike seat.

According to Davis, the recommended workout is two to five classes per week, which will get exercisers results in the first month. Would you try the Soul Cycle workout for yourself?

The Talk: Towel Lifts And Twists

You can also use a workout towel on your bike to engage more muscle groups and stretch out your shoulders, all while pedaling on your bike. All these moves can help you to burn the maximum number of calories during your workout.

The bike workout even includes weights to let you row and really get into a full body workout on the bike. There is really not much in terms of classic workout moves that you can’t do while riding a bike.

The Talk: Soul Cycle Dip Clap

In case you think Soul Cycle forgot about the core, you are wrong. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you,” Davis said, having everyone adjust the bike before doing a Dip Clap move.

So far, you have to be in New York or Los Angeles to attend a Soul Cycle class. I know Kelly Ripa has talked about her love of Soul Cycle in the past. Do you think we’ll soon see these across the country?


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