The Talk: Sara Gilbert Birthday, Juice Beauty & NutriBullet Review


The Talk: Sara Gilbert Birthday Celebration

It was Sara Gilbert’s 38th birthday and The Talk wanted to celebrate by giving her some of the best gifts for her vegan lifestyle. From a cool juicer to a some new jeans, Sara Gilbert got some pretty good presents for her birthday.

The Talk: Juice Beauty Review

Juice Beauty – Juice Beauty is an organic beauty brand that fits perfectly with Gilbert’s organic, vegan lifestyle. All the products they make have zero chemicals and are completely organic.


The Talk: Sara Gilbert Birthday, Juice Beauty & NutriBullet Review

The Talk celebrated Sara Gilbert’s birthday and gave her some of the best presents for her lifestyle like Juice Beauty, a Nutribullet juicer and Dogeared Jewelry. (s_bukley /

The Talk: Big Star USA Jeans Review

Big Star USA Jeans – Sara Gilbert loves wearing jeans when on the show and The Talk knew she would look extra stylish in some Big Star USA Jeans. Big Star strives to make jeans that fit well and are affordable enough for any lifestyle.

The Talk: FREECITY Hats and Totes Review

FREECITY Hats – Sara Gilbert has a bit of a street style compared to the other co-hosts and The Talk wanted to get her something that would go well with her style. When they found FREECITY hats and totes, they knew it was the perfect complement to her style.


The Talk: Nutribullet Review

Nutribullet – Who doesn’t want to have fresh juice every morning? Nutribullet is the way to go if you’re trying to have fresh squeezed juice every morning when you wake up. Sara Gilbert seemed pretty excited about this gift.

The Talk: Beyond Yoga Apparel Review

Beyond Yoga Apparel – Sara Gilbert loves doing yoga and The Talk wanted to make sure she was looking as good as she felt during her workout, so they picked her up a few outfits from Beyond Yoga.

The Talk: Dogeared Jewelry Review

Dogeared Jewelry – Every woman should get some jewelry on her birthday so The Talk picked out some earrings and necklaces from Dogeared Jewelry for Sara Gilbert to wear.


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