The Talk: Magic Johnson HIV Health & At Home HIV Test OraQuick Review


The Talk: Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is a basketball hall of famer whose legend extends off the court as well. He sat with The Talk hosts, including guest hosts Arsenio Hall and Carnie Wilson, to talk about his career beyond basketball. He is now the spokesman for the OraQuick at home HIV test. Check out the show’s OraQuick review and get an update on Johnson’s life now.

The Talk: Magic Johnson HIV

The Talk: Magic Johnson HIV Health & At Home HIV Test OraQuick Review

The Talk invited Magic Johnson to the show, where he discussed his health after more than two decades of living with HIV. (stocklight /


It has been 17 years since Magic Johnson told with Arsenio Hall about his HIV diagnosis. Johnson has gone on to be one of few high profile celebrities living with HIV. The two friends looked back on how things have changed since that time in their lives.

“At that time, it was a difficult situation,” he said. “I was in the prime of my career. I had to retire.”

He also said there was no one to look up to and few examples of people living successfully with HIV. He said that Cookie’s decision to stay with him saved his life. He gave her the opportunity to walk away, but she stuck around.


The Talk: Magic Johnson Health

Johnson said that in a tough situation, you learn how to support the people that you love. It is important, he said, to have a support system to rely on.

He said that he has been living with HIV for 22 years, and has remained positive. He is still taking his medication and keeping himself in shape, so he can live to see what the future has in store for his family.

The Talk: Magic Johnson OraQuick Review

Magic Johnson is now a spokesperson for OraQuick, and is the face of a new campaign called Make Knowing Your Thing Today. Johnson said that OraQuick is an easier way to learn your HIV status.

They have produced the first at-home HIV test, and Johnson said that is critical especially for African American and Latino populations. Knowing your status is important, he said, since one in five people with HIV do not know they have it.

The Talk: Magic Johnson March Madness

Former NCAA champion Magic Johnson had trouble making a March Madness prediction. He listed a bunch of teams he felt were strong and competitive, but the upsets keep ruining people’s brackets. How is your bracket looking so far

The Talk: March Magic Shootout

Magic Johnson and Arsenio Hall faced off against Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert, and Carnie Wilson in a basketball shootout. Whichever team scored the most points in 45 seconds would win.

The final score was close, but Team Magic beat Team Talk with a score of 17-10.


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