The Talk: Let Me Tell You Something Review & Caroline Manzo Parenting


The Talk: Caroline Manzo

From The Real Housewives of New Jersey, author Caroline Manzo was on The Talk to discuss her new book, Let Me Tell You Something.

The Talk: Let Me Tell You Something

On TV, she is a tough love mom and a straight shooter, who is sharing personal advice in this book. Manzo talked about the successful relationships in her life, and said that fans ask her about how her family stays so close.


The Talk: Let Me Tell You Something Review & Caroline Manzo Parenting

From The Real Housewives, Caroline Manzo gave her take on parenting and relationship advice, as outlined in her new book, Let Me Tell You Something. (Joe Seer /

Manzo said that she has kept the children involved in one another’s lives, and that has helped to build their bond. Working together and supporting one another were their keys to creating lasting bonds.

The Talk: Caroline Manzo Parenting

Having a good relationship does not mean being best friends with your kids. As a mom, Manzo did not tolerate bad behavior from her children. They sometimes tried to act up, but once they learned the consequences, they fell in line.


Her children have yet to become parents themselves, and she said she will always think of her kids as “my babies.” Her boys know to greet their father with a kiss, and it started by teaching them respect from the very beginning.

The Talk: Creating Date Moments

If you don’t have time for a date night, take advantage of date moments and steal some time to spend with the person you care about. It’s about making and maintaining connections, such as sharing leftovers in a stolen moment in the kitchen, as Caroline and her husband have done.

For busy women, Manzo believed that it is important to make time in your schedule for yourself. Simple things like getting a manicure or enjoying a cup of coffee can change your mood and attitude. She prefers simplicity over grand gestures.

The Talk: Negative Friendships

Reality TV can bring out the worst in people, but Caroline Manzo has been pretty good about keeping her cool. Her advice was to cut the cord when negative aspects of a relationship outweigh the positive, if friends are not willing to work on the friendship with you.

Manzo puts a premium on loyalty, and believes that you should give your heart to the friends and family that you care about. “Deal in truth,” she advised.

More of her advice can be found in the new book Let Me Tell You Something, on sale now.


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