The Talk: Ken Linder Your Killer Emotions Review & Emotional Health


The Talk: Ken Linder Your Killer Emotions & How To Be Emotionally Healthy

Ken Kinder, author of the book Your Killer Emotions, stopped by to talk about how to develop positive self-esteem.

He said that we often don’t consider the emotional implications of our life choices. If we make a life choice in a state of negative emotion, often that life choice becomes self-sabotaging. He said he wrote the book to help people make positive life choices for the right reasons.


The Talk: Ken Linder Your Killer Emotions Review & Emotional Health

Sometimes we all feel like this little guy. Luckily, Ken Linder’s new book, Your Killer Emotions, is here to help.

Ken Linder: Identify Your Personal Triggers

Ken Linder said he was an obese child growing up. He said his father was always working and his mom was a stay at home mom and so he thought she loved him more, and he would eat a lot at home.

There was a girl he wanted to date and cool, thin clothes he wanted to wear that he was too heavy for. He said that one day, he decided getting a girlfriend, being an athlete and wearing thin, cool clothes were more important to him than the momentary pleasure of food.


He said he turned the negative triggers into positive triggers in this way, and encouraged others to do the same. That’s what the book is about.

Ken Linder: Evaluate Consequences

Ken Linder said we are a quick fix society. He said we are always looking for an immediate fix to a problem, rather than looking at the big picture. He said that these are the things which should compel us to make a great life choice.

Ken Linder: Blessings List & Rest

Ken Linder said the best way to calm yourself down from being angry or feeling lonely is to have a blessings list, so that you can look at the things that are really important and realize what is true about your life.

He also said rest was very important, because we do not want to be emotionally off-balance when we make choices, and rest is important to keep our emotions healthy.


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