The Talk: Jenny McCarthy Talk Show & Tria 4x Laser Hair Removal Review


The Talk: Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy has had quite a career, with highlights such as Playmate of the Year, advice columnist, Emmy nominee, and author. Now she is hosting The Jenny McCarthy Show on VH1, where she takes an unconventional approach in getting to know her guests. Plus, she mentioned why she loves the Tria 4x laser for home hair removal.

The Talk: Jenny McCarthy Talk Show

Jenny McCarthy was a first-time guest on The Talk. But she is no stranger to talk shows, as a frequent guest and now a host. She said starting her own show was a bumpy road.


Just before taping the first show, Jenny said her pants split down the middle. She also had a hangover from appearing on Watch What Happens Live. Then she lost her first guest, Josh Groban, just before the taping.

Jenny said that her show’s late night club feel, with a DJ and a bartender, but apparently Groban drew the line at go-go dancers, and he left the show at the last minute.


The Jenny McCarthy Show can be seen Friday nights on VH1.

The Talk: Jenny McCarthy Sister

The Talk: Jenny McCarthy Talk Show & Tria 4x Laser Hair Removal Review

The Talk got the inside scoop on the new Jenny McCarthy talk show for VH1, her advice column, and her thoughts about the Tria 4x laser hair removal system. (August Fairchild /

Jojo is Jenny’s sister, and the two love to party, but Jenny said her sister is a “drunk wanderer.” At the Super Bowl in New Orleans, she got separated from her sister in all the revelry. Eventually, her sister made it to the hotel room, but didn’t have a key to get inside.

Dr Oz was staying in the same hotel, and he kept checking in on Jojo to see if she was OK, since she was sleeping in the hallway.

The Talk: Jenny McCarthy Bartender

In an effort to get guests to loosen up on their Friday show, Jenny has a bartender on her show. “You’ve got to get the celebrities a little drunk to get them talking,” she admitted.

The Talk: Jenny McCarthy Hangover Cure

You can avoid a hangover before it happens, according to Jenny. She suggested mixing EmergenC with water and vodka, giving you electrolytes and alcohol at once. Julie Chen said they should call it the EmergenTini.

The Talk: Ask Jenny Splash

Jenny is also a daily columnist and the writer of Ask Jenny for the Chicago Sun-Times Splash blog. She said she has been surprised to learn a lot along the way as she is giving advice to others.

How would she advise a woman whose boyfriend has a wandering eye? She read the book Do I Need Your Love? Is That True, which teaches you how to fill yourself up with love instead of putting it into other people.

The Talk: Jenny McCarthy Aging

Jenny said that saggy skin is her least favorite part of aging. But on the other hand, “I love the wisdom that comes with it,” she said, because her confidence has improved through the years.

The Talk: Tria 4x Hair Removal Laser

She got some early career advice from Vanna White, who recommended laser hair removal, which seemed to have done the trick. According to Jenny, you can also use the Tria 4x Hair Removal Laser, which has also been featured on The Doctors.


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