The Talk Beauty: Boots No7 Review & Moisturizing Sunscreen Regimen


The Talk: Anti-Aging Products

There are countless anti-aging products out there, and with so many, how do we know what works? Do we need SPF every day? Should we switch products? What color is the label supposed to be? Just kidding about that last one. Anyhow, Dr. Glynis Ablon, a celebrity dermatologist, came on the show today to let everyone know what anti-aging products work the best, like moisturizing sunscreen.

The Talk: How to Pick Your Anti-Aging Regimen

The Talk Beauty: Boots No7 Review & Moisturizing Sunscreen Routine

What anti-aging products are best for you?


Glynis says that you are never too young to start a regimen. In fact, the earlier you start, the better you skin will look later on in life! Much like any healthy habit, the sooner you get going with it, the better. Starting before you ever have any skin problems is the best dermatological route to take.

Ablon also says that keeping it simple is best–it is what she tells all her patients. You can throw it on, run out the door, and go on it to work–ideal for those busy parents that have full schedules. Personally, she likes serums because they work for oily and dry skin types. You also want to look for antioxidants and firming peptides.

The regimen you take on is dependent on your skin type. This affects the time of day you use it, from morning to night, and the frequency, from twice a day to once every other day. These strategies can be mixed and matched according to your skin type.


The Talk: Facial Cleanser & Toner Routine

Stephanie was first up. Seeing some signs of aging, she took on a lot of different products–some of which worked and some that didn’t, or even worse, brought on more wrinkles. Stephanie’s regimen starts with getting her face wet, applying facial cleanser to get the makeup off her face, and then uses a wash cloth to make sure she gets all the soap off her face. After patting it dry, she applies some toner and rises again, repeat ad nauseam.

The Talk: Boots No7 Review & Moisturizing Sunscreen

Dr. Ablon came to the rescue with three simple steps:

  1. Washing your face – creamier cleanser for dry skin, gel cleanser for oily skin. Clean your hands before you touch your face, and clean washcloths frequently, as they can accrue bacteria. If you want, you can use a nylon mitt that doesn’t allow bacteria to build up. Over-the-counter cleansing cloths are also great because you throw them away when you’re finished.
  2. Find a product that works for you – Dr. Ablon’s personal favorite is Boots No7. It’s easy to put on and has three active ingredients: your firming pep-tides, your antioxidants, and pro retinol, which will tighten your skin. It won best serum at the anti-aging awards and has been clinically proven to reduce the deep aging lines in three week.
  3. Moisturizing sunscreen – Apply this in the morning, and make sure it has zinc oxide or avobenzone, which will block out the UV light. Wash, serum, sunscreen and you’re good to go!

If you’re still dry in the evening, you can get a gentle moisturizer that you can put over your serum. Skintervention a success!


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