The Talk: Valerie Harper Surprise & Michael Bolton The Soul Of It All


The Talk April 15 2013

On April 15 2013, The Talk will air a special episode featuring guest Valerie Harper and musician Michael Bolton. Here is a look at the great conversations ahead on this encore presentation of The Talk.

The Talk: Valerie Harper

The Talk: Valerie Harper Surprise & Michael Bolton The Soul Of It All

The Talk on April 15 2013 features a visit from actress Valerie Harper, who has made headlines due to her terminal brain cancer diagnosis. (Helga Esteb /


For years, TV audiences loved her as best friend and sidekick Rhoda, in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and later her very own spinoff. These days, Valerie Harper is in the headlines for a somber reason. She is facing a terminal cancer diagnosis.

However, she has put on a brave face and been vocal about enjoying each day she has to spend with family and friends. When she comes on The Talk April 15 2013, find out about the special connection between her and the show.

Recently, Harper reunited with her Mary Tyler Moore co-stars for a special episode of Hot In Cleveland, the TV Land series. The episode featured Moore, Harper, and Cloris Leachman, plus beloved actress Betty White, who is a cast member on the TV Land show.


Fans will have to wait awhile to see the televised reunion, though. It is slated to air on September 4 2013. Hot In Cleveland kicks off its season with a live episode on Wednesday, June 19.

Plus, the ladies from The Talk have a special surprise in store for Valerie that will put a smile on everyone’s face. That’s coming up on Monday.

The Talk: Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton is a big name in the world of music, and he is back on tour once again. He will be performing on The Talk. Plus, he will take some time to chat with the ladies about new new memoir, The Soul Of It All, which reflects on his long and successful career.

The Talk is packing a lot of star power into this episode, so be sure to tune in and check it out on Monday, April 15 2013.


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