The Talk: Mother’s Day Outdoor Brunch, Leeza Gibbons & Mystery Guest


The Talk April 9 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segments from the show.

Mothers Mystery Week continues on The Talk with another surprise celebrity guest for the co-hosts to figure out. Plus, Kristan Cunningham is sharing her plan to throw your mom a memorable outdoor brunch this weekend, and Leeza Gibbons is sharing more ways to honor mom. The Talk is new on Thursday, May 9.


The Talk: Leeza Gibbons

The Talk: Mother's Day Outdoor Brunch, Leeza Gibbons & Mystery Guest

Mother’s Day week continues on The Talk May 9, with author Leeza Gibbons and how to throw an outdoor brunch with design expert Kristan Cunningham.

Leeza Gibbons, the TV host and author, has written a book about new adventures in life, called Take 2. She is returning to The Talk on Thursday, May 9, with some relationship-building ideas for you and your mother.

See what Gibbons suggests about making Mother’s Day special and showing your appreciation for everything she has done for you. Given Gibbons’s thoughts on gratitude, there is probably a lot of material from her book that could apply to an occasion such as Mother’s Day. That’s coming up on The Talk.


You can also see Gibbons in her day job as host of America Now with Bill Rancic.

The Talk: Mother’s Day Outdoor Brunch

Kristan Cunningham, a design expert, is also sharing some Mother’s Day suggestions on the show this Thursday. She wants to give everyone ideas on how to create an unforgettable outdoor brunch for your mother to enjoy. Tune in May 9 to find out how anyone can put this type of celebration together for mom. Since Mother’s Day is almost here, it is probably time to pick a gift or idea and get started planning it.

The Talk: Mothers Mystery Celebrity

A week of surprises continues on The Talk’s Mothers Mystery Week. The co-hosts will have to guess the identity of another well-known celebrity by chatting with the person’s mother or child. Tune in to see if they can guess correctly and what they’ll have to chat about with the mystery guest. That’s coming up on The Talk’s Thursday, May 9 show.


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