The Talk: Michael Bolton The Soul Of It All & Valerie Harper


The Talk March 13 2013

The Talk is all new on March 13 2013. Actress Valerie Harper, who has been making headlines recently, will be a guest on the show. Plus, singer and now author Michael Bolton will talk about his latest projects. Then, get a relationship checkup from advice expert Anna David. Here is what’s coming up on the show.

The Talk: Valerie Harper Tumor

The Talk: Michael Bolton The Soul Of It All & Valerie Harper

The Talk March 13 2013 is scheduled to welcome singer and author Michael Bolton, as well as actress Valerie Harper, who will talk about her cancer diagnosis. (Helga Esteb /


Valerie Harper, the 1970s sitcom star, has been in the news lately, but it is not the kind of press that anyone wants to get. You may remember her from her days on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda. She has been diagnosed with an aggressive tumor, and now there are questions about how long she may have left to live.

Her conversations on The Doctors and the Today Show have inspired her fans, and now she is sharing her thoughts with the women from The Talk on March 13 2013.

The Talk: Michael Bolton The Soul Of It All

Singer Michael Bolton is back in a big way this year, with a new album and now a book about his life and career. Michael will perform on The Talk this week and also share thoughts about putting together a memoir after his many years in show business. You can look forward to that coming up on the show.


The Talk: Anna David Relationships

Relationship expert Anna David will also be a guest on the show, giving her advice about how to handle common questions and situations that arise between couples. What is your favorite type of advice segment from The Talk? Do you prefer self-improvement and relationships, or are you more interested in the recipes or products the show features?

Have to work? Can’t watch? Check back here after the episode to watch clips and read more about what you missed.


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