The Talk: Matthew Morrison Performance, Kunal Nayyar & Father’s Day


The Talk June 13 2013 Preview

The Talk has an extra fun show coming up on June 13 2013. Actor Kunal Nayyar, from The Big Bang Theory, is stopping by to talk about the newest season of the show. Then actor and musician Matthew Morrison performs some new songs from his latest album. Finally, The Talk celebrate Father’s Day by bringing on a mystery celebrity father to sit at the table with them.

The Talk: Matthew Morrison Performance, Kunal Nayyar & Father's Day

The Talk June 13 2013 talks with Kunal Nayyar about his role in The Big Bang Theory and Matthew Morrison performs a song from his second album.
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Kunal Nayyar: The Big Bang Theory

Kunal Nayyar is stopping by The Talk and The Big Bang Theory actor has a lot to talk about as of lately. Besides his work on The Big Bang Theory, Nayyar is also lending his voice to the Nickelodeon show, Sanjay and Craig. He is also working on his first movie, starring opposite some of the biggest names in Indian movies.

But we all know we are tuning in to get the scoop of season seven of The Big Bang Theory.

Matthew Morrison Performance

Matthew Morrison, best known for his role in Glee, is not just an actor. He is also a very accomplished musician who just released his second album, Where it All Began.


He is going to be sitting down with the ladies of The Talk to discuss the newest happens on Glee but he is also going to be performing one of the songs from the album.

Have you heard any of his songs yet? Do you like them? Let us know if we should go buy the album by leaving a comment below.

Make sure to tune into The Talk June 13 2013 to find out if you are as big a fan of Michael Morrison’s singing a you are of his acting.


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