The Talk: Marie Osmond & Jorge Cruise Cure Nutrition


The Talk February 27 2013

Recapo update: Here are this show’s segments.

The Talk February 27 is a new Wednesday episode, and the scheduled guests include Marie Osmond and the Jorge Cruise cure. Here is a look at what’s in store on this new show, and you may just discover a new way to get in shape or stay fit.


The Talk: Marie Osmond

The Talk: Marie Osmond & Jorge Cruise Cure Nutrition

The Talk February 27 2013 will include conversations with entertainer Marie Osmond and the Jorge Cruise cure master, with fat melting anti-aging advice. (Helga Esteb /

Marie Osmond is best known in tandem with her brother Donny Osmond, who appeared recently as a guest co-host on The Talk. Together, they have hosted variety shows, talk shows, and now a Las Vegas live entertainment stage show.

Through it all, the Osmonds have experienced happiness and tragedy, but they seem to endure. Do you think you could stand to work side by side with one of your siblings for decades? They must really like each other to spend that much time together.


What else are Donny and Marie cooking up in the future? Maybe Marie will have some news to share when she visits the women of The Talk this Wednesday, February 27 2013.

The Talk: Jorge Cruise Cure & Nutrition

Jorge Cruise is the expert nutritionist and the man behind bestselling diet and health books. His popular titles include The Belly Fat Cure, which includes everything from a sugar and carb counter to quick meal recipes to help you lose weight quickly. He is also the author of The Aging Cure, which he said can help you take 10 years off your body’s age in as little as one week.

What will Jorge Cruise be curing when he comes to The Talk? We will have to tune in and find out on February 27 2013. Don’t miss the show, but if you do want to learn more about what went on, you can check back here to get Jorge’s tips after the episode is on TV.

The Talk is all new February 27 2013, and we have it covered for you.


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