The Talk: Lily Tomlin, Caroline Manzo & Wayne Brady


The Talk March 28 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segment recaps from this episode.

The Talk is back with another live new episode on Thursday, March 28 2013. The guest list includes actress Lily Tomlin and author Caroline Manzo. Plus, Wayne Brady will be back for another day of guest co-hosting the show. Here are more details about Thursday’s episode.


The Talk: Lily Tomlin Admission Review

The Talk: Lily Tomlin, Caroline Manzo & Wayne Brady

The Talk on March 28 2013 will include conversations with acting legend Lily Tomlin, Real Housewife and author Caroline Manzo, and guest host Wayne Brady. (s_bukley /

Lily Tomlin has a long and storied career in movies and television. She is remembered for her characters like Ernestine and her time on the groundbreaking comedy series Laugh-In. She also had a part in the ‘80s workplace comedy 9 to 5. More recently, she has landed a role as Reba McEntire’s mother in the new sitcom Malibu Country.

Now Lily Tomlin is starring in the Tina Fey-Paul Rudd movie Admission, and she will be catching up with the women from The Talk on their March 28 2013 show. Find out what stories she has left to share after appearing on The View and giving other interviews over the past few weeks.


The Talk: Caroline Manzo Book Review

Viewers might know Caroline Manzo from the Bravo docusoap The Real Housewives Of New Jersey. I have never seen an episode of any Real Housewives show, and to be honest, it’s not because I think I am above it. On the contrary, I’m afraid that I would get sucked in, so I figured it was best to avoid exposure altogether.

Caroline Manzo has turned her life experiences into a new book, and she will be promoting it on The Talk during the Thursday show on March 28. It is called Let Me Tell You Something: Life As A Real Housewife, Tough-Love Mother, And Street-Smart Businesswoman. That is a very long title, but we will find out what Caroline has to tell us when she turns up on the show.

The Talk: Wayne Brady

From Let’s Make A Deal, Wayne Brady is returning for a third day as guest host. I am tired of Wayne Brady, you guys. I can’t handle his energy. If Sharon Osbourne is quitting, more power to her, but let’s get her out of there and find a permanent replacement. She is no Barbara Walters, so why does she get unlimited vacation time?

Full recaps are coming up after the show, so check back for details on whatever you missed.


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