The Talk: Leeza Gibbons & All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Elimination


The Talk March 4 2013

Recapo update: Check out these segments from the show, now online.

It is another all new week of shows for The Talk, kicking off March 4 2013. Did you know that this is also the start of the last week until Daylight Saving Time begins? This episode’s guest list includes the first celebrity fired from All-Star Celebrity Apprentice and life advice from author and TV host Leeza Gibbons.


The Talk: All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

The Talk: Leeza Gibbons & All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Elimination

The Talk March 4 2013 will feature Take 2 author Leeza Gibbons and the first castoff from the new All-Star Celebrity Apprentice reality competition. (s_bukley /

Donald Trump is back on NBC with a new season of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. The season premiere is on Sunday, March 3 2013. The next day, the women of The Talk will be chatting with the first person who is fired from the show.

In the celebrity edition, the contestants are all playing for charity, but that does not make the competition any less fierce. Plus, this is the all-star season, which means that everyone involved has participated in the show once before. They are probably learning from their previous mistakes and everyone will be out to win.


Tune in Monday on The Talk to find out who did not make it past the first week of the show. If you don’t see it live, check back here for recaps.

The Talk: Leeza Gibbons Advice

The Talk Takeaway on Monday, March 4 will come in the form of self-improvement advice. TV host and author Leeza Gibbons is back with her new book, and she will be dishing out the tool that she says can help people take control and change their lives for the better.

Leeza Gibbons hosted a successful 1990s talk show on NBC. Since then, she has been an author and host of other TV programs. During another recent TV appearance, Leeza explained how much her life has changed in recent years, and how she learned to deal with all the tumultuous changes that have come her way.

See all this on The Talk Monday, March 4, or check Recapo after the show to read all about it.


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