The Talk: LaToya Jackson Co-Hosts & Daytime Emmy Awards Preview Show


The Talk June 14 2013 Preview

The Talk is bringing on one feisty co-host to sit with them at the table during their June 14 2103 episode. LaToya Jackson is sitting down with the women so there should be no shortage of gossip during this episode.  Besides the gossip, The Talk are also taking a look at the Daytime Emmy Awards with AJ Hammer. Then they are closing out the day by bringing on a mystery celebrity father to play Who’s Your Daddy?

The Talk: LaToya Jackson Co-Hosts & Daytime Emmy Awards Preview Show

The Talk June 14 2013 have LaToya Jackson co-hosting the show with them and they are looking at a preview of the Daytime Emmy Awards.
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LaToya Jackson Co-Hosts The Talk

LaToya Jackson is co-hosting The Talk so you know there will be a lot of scandalous information passed around. Remember when she called Omarosa the reason Michael Clarke Duncan died? And now she is in the middle of a bitter lawsuit with Omarosa.

How much more trouble can you get in? I mean, who would attack Omarosa? That women is one of the nastiest women on this planet.

Jackson will also be plugging her new show on OWN most likely. The reality show, Life with LaToya, is coming up on the season finale but I wouldn’t hold your breath for another season. The ratings for the show have been miserably low.


Daytime Emmy Awards Preview

The Talk are going to be celebrating the 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards this upcoming Monday, June 17 2013, but before then they will be previewing the awards show with a AJ Hammer during their June 14 2013 episode.

Who are you hoping wins some awards this year? Do you think The Talk will be walking out with an Emmy? Chime in below and let us know.

Make sure to tune into The Talk June 14 2013 to find out what LaToya Jackson brings to the table as a co-host and to find out who the mystery celebrity father is as well. I have a feeling this is going to be a good episode.


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