The Talk: LaToya Jackson Co-Host, Big Time Rush Performs & Alex Trebek


The Talk June 20 2013 Preview

The Talk has quite the unique line up for their June 20 2103 episode. LaToya Jackson will be taking a seat at the table with the ladies to help them guest co-host the show. Alex Trebek is going to be the first guest on the show and the band Big Time Rush will be performing a song from their newest album.

The Talk: LaToya Jackson Co-Host, Big Time Rush Performs & Alex Trebek

The Talk June 20 2013 invites LaToya Jackson to co-host the show, Big Time Rush performs a song and Alex Trebek opens up about his recent heart attack.
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LaToya Jackson Co-Hosting The Talk

It will continue to amaze me that LaToya Jackson can get work in Hollywood. She recently had a show called Life with LaToya which was a complete flop for Oprah Winfrey’s Network. Then she wrote a book, Starting Over, which was on the New York Times’ Best Seller list but was really just a rehashing of all the information we know about the Jackson family. And now she is being sued by Omarosa for telling her she was the reason Michael Clarke Duncan is dead.

I mean how much can this woman get away with because she starts getting turned down for work? It must be the last name that continues getting her work.

Either way, she is co-hosting The Talk and it should be quite the episode to watch.


Alex Trebek Hosts Jeopardy for 30 Years

Alex Trebek is coming up on the 20 year hosting mark for Jeopardy which is a good and bad thing. It means he has had a steady job but it could be bad since most people think Jeopardy is all there is to Trebek but that isn’t true. He has lived a fascinating life and hosted many other game shows in his career.

He is stopping by The Talk to open up about his personal life, his career that path that led to Jeopardy and the recent health scares that haven’t held him back.

Big Time Rush Performs

Big Time Rush, the television show/band for the Nickelodeon show of the same name, will be stopping by The Talk for a performance.

Make sure to tune into The Talk June 20 2013 to see how well Big Time Rush performs and how well LaToya Jackson does hosting the show.


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