The Talk: Jorja Fox CSI & Chef Tanya Holland Recipes


The Talk April 2 2013

Recapo update: Here are the segments from the show.

They are actually making Sharon Osbourne show up to her job this week, which has got to be difficult for someone who enjoys frequent days off. When Mrs. O and the other ladies get together on Tuesday, April 2, who will they be talking with? Scheduled on the show are Jorja Fox and soul food chef Tanya Holland.


The Talk: Jorja Fox

The Talk: Jorja Fox CSI & Chef Tanya Holland Recipes

The Talk April 2 2013 features guests including CSI star Jorja Fox and a trip to the kitchen for some delightful Southern recipes with Chef Tanya Holland. (s_bukley /

From the long-running investigative crime drama CSI, Jorja Fox will be visiting The Talk on April 2. She parlayed roles in ER and The West Wing into a 13-year career as Sara Sidle, who was married for awhile to Dr Gil Grissom.

After taking a break from the show and reducing her role, Fox (and her character Sara) rejoined the team, under the new leadership of Ted Danson’s D.B. Russell character. Now she is back solving cases, and the show has been renewed for another season, to kick off in fall 2013.


We’ll see what Jorja Fox has to say about her life and career on The Talk for April 2.

The Talk: Chef Tanya Holland

Get cooking with a new episode of The Talk and take a trip to the kitchen with Chef Tanya Holland. Her California restaurants include the B-Side BBF and Brown Sugar Kitchen, and you also may recognize her as a reality cooking competition judge from Food Network and The Cooking Channel.

She will be sharing some soul-inspired recipes coming up with the ladies of The Talk on April 2 2013. Be sure to check back and print out the recipes or add them to your Pinterest page, so you can enjoy all the great foods and flavors too.

We will have recaps and more details after this new episode of The Talk airs, live on April 2.


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